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Updating Your Home On A Budget

Home renovation doesn't need to be expensive. There are plenty of affordable and easy ways to give your home that much needed refresh, and guess what... you don't need to break that bank to do so!

Not sure where to start? Don't worry we've got you covered, keep reading to discover our top suggestions for updating your décor on a budget!

Make your own roman blinds 

Making your own blinds may sound daunting at first, but with complete roman blind kits and easy to follow guide's easily accessible, creating your own window treatments can be simple, and of course fun!

The benefit of making your own blinds is that you have free rein to choose whatever fabric and lining you like, so whether you're after a complimentary blind to blend seamlessly into your interior, or a statement roman to create a focal point in the home, the option's are endless. 

Obviously creating your own blind will save you a few coins, but don't forget this little DIY project is also an excuse to explore your creative side and will be a real fun task to get your hands on.

Purchase ready made curtains 

 (Image: Campen Ready Made Curtains Teal)

On the other end of the scale, another budgeting tactic when updating your home is to throw up a pair of ready made curtains. This quick and easy method is perfect for those who fancy a quick refresh, without having to wait for custom made options. 

Whether your choose to mount your curtains on a pole or track, hanging a pair of ready made curtains is a quick choice for bringing in new patterns and colours to your décor, with the added practicalities of blocking light and ensuring privacy too.

Ready made curtains often carry the stigma of being cheap and low quality but this is certainly not the case. With ready made options becoming more popular and convenient amongst home owners, there are so many high quality and designer curtain options to choose from.

Don't buy new, just re-paint

We all know that investing in a new kitchen or furniture can be a real expense. But this is not essential when you're aspiring for a new look, why not just give your used furniture and woodwork a fresh lick of paint?

Choose a new paint colour can give your whole kitchen a makeover, so there's no need to buy new! To ensure this lasts the length of time, make sure you take time to sand and prime your units before applying the paint. 

Choosing the correct paint is also vital, if you're painting wooden units you will need to make sure you buy a paint suitable, as I'm afraid emulsion won't cut it! It may take time to get it right, but best believe this will save you thousands compared to buying new.

Upholster an old sofa

(Image: Botanist Velvet Fabric Evergreen)

Got an old sofa that you can't quite part with? Well there is no need to, covering your existing furniture with upholstery fabric is a great way of modernising your décor without having to buy new.

Repurposing existing furniture is not only an environment friendly choice, but creates a world of opportunity for your interior that buying store brought options cannot. Choose from bold statement florals to woven plain materials, to create a sofa or chair unlike any other. 

If you don't have a suitable item of furniture already, have a look at second hand furniture stores and marketplaces. There is often many free furniture items online and in store's just waiting for a new lease of life! 

Introduce cushions & throws

(Image: Petronas Fabric)

Who doesn't love cushions? Such a simple addition to your home can transform your space and create the sense of a very put together home. Introducing colour and pattern to your interior can often be a scary thought, but the easiest way to get you started is to just add a few accent cushions.

Cushions are an inexpensive and quick option, with most cushions being under £20! Unlike other design techniques, cushions aren't a permanent home decision, so you can switch up your décor style if you change your mind!

Whether you choose to buy some filled cushions or make your own cushions out of fabric, cushions are perfect for adding depth and texture to your interior.

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