A Season Tog Guide: Which Tog To Use Depending On The Weather

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The duvet originated in the colder regions of the Scandinavian countries and is filled with eiderdown from birds, feathers or synthetic stuffing. This is why the tog rating matters and with the weather changes happening across the U.K., it is important to pay attention to the climate variations. Having your bedroom too cold or to hot can lead to a poor night sleep which affects your quality of life so it is a good idea to give our duvet tog guide a read to make sure you’re knowledgeable on the best tog for each season.

The best choices in duvets are those that can be used together, which is why a number of manufacturers are selling them in pairs, so that two may be combined to provide a higher tog rating for the really cold weather, without having to resort to turning up the heating in the bedroom or wearing layers of night clothes in order to keep warm.

Weather and tog ratings

Duvets have become a staple of home life, they provide warmth for bedding in all seasons. The problem is to match the correct size and weight to the weather conditions and seasonal demands. The duvets are manufactured to withstand various levels of energy and the tog rating determines the time of year they should be used.

The Shirley Institute has been testing textile materials for their thermal rating for a number of years, with duvets and the underlay for carpets being among the items tested. The lightest weight tog rating is that of 4.5, which the best thermal rating for summer weather is when the temperatures only require a light covering over oneself while sleeping.

Considering Different Bedding Options

Spring and autumn

The seasons of spring and autumn are similar because they have wind, rain and fog, to name a few of the weather conditions to contend with. A duvet with the lightweight thermal rating will not work as well as ones rated at 7.5 or 10.5. These are designed to keep more warm air between your body and duvet covers.

One of the things that can change the feel of the tog rating is the amount of night clothes worn during the night. The rating of 10.5 gives a wonderful warmth for chilly nights when the season is changing yet it isn't sufficiently cold to warrant a high tog rating.

Example Bed Duvet

Winter weather and temperatures

With the coming of the winter months, the temperatures plummet and rain, snow and icy weather can cause problems both indoors and out. The duvet with the highest tog rating of 13.5 gives your bed a comfortable cosy place to sleep or just cuddle with your favourite book and hot beverage. As mentioned, paired duvets give you the opportunity to have two lighter weight duvets together to form one higher tog rated one.

You simply use the lightest 4.5 tog during the warmer months and add the second, 9.0 tog during the colder months. When used together paired duvets have a combined tog rating of 13.5 tog, which is usually more than sufficient to keep you warm on even the coldest of nights.

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Sensitive to the cold?

It is important to remember that the duvet tog guide is just that; a guide, so listen to your body when it comes to feeling the cold. For those that really feel the cold it is possible purchase 15 and even 20 tog duvets for extra cosy warmth. In a similar way for those who become too warm when sleeping very lightweight 1 tog and 3 tog duvets can be purchased, but these are not the norm, so to speak. Duvets are a great choice for bedding. They offer lightweight warmth that can be adapted or swapped to suit the seasons and the person's needs. They are easy to maintain, a simple shake each morning is all that's needed to fluff them back up.

You can use them on their own, with a duvet cover, or add a quilted bed throw for appearance and warmth if you want to. Altering the tog rating of your duvet means that you shouldn't have to increase the temperature of your bedroom, which is an effective way to save money on your heating bills. Finding the most comfortable tog rating for your needs may be trial and error to begin with, but by and large most people find that the lightest. 4.5 tog are suitable for summer and a 13.5 tog perfect for the winter.

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