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Explain eyelet poles to me?

We’re constantly thinking of our customers when we’re selecting our product range and the same applies to our selection of metal poles. We consider such things as quality, value for money and ease of use. We all want to buy good quality products for our homes without wasting money on extras or things we don’t really need.

What’s the difference between an eyelet pole and an ordinary pole?

Eyelet curtain poles are 28mm curtain poles available in the same wide range of sizes and colours as our full 28mm metal curtain poles range. They can easily be cut and customised to size and come in the same convenient pack complete with everything you need to install them - except for the metal curtain pole rings that slide onto the pole.

Three Brass Curtain Poles

Eyelet curtains (sometimes called grommet or ring-top) slide directly onto a curtain pole without the need for additional curtain rings. Our eyelet curtain pole packs are slightly cheaper than our normal metal curtain pole packs because we have been able to remove the cost of the curtain rings as we wouldn’t want you to have to pay for something that you don’t need. If at some point after you have purchased and fitted an eyelet pole, you decide to change your style of curtain heading and you need the metal curtain rings to suspend your new curtain from, then that’s not a problem. Just pop over to our website and order a pack of rings-only in a matching colour to your pole.

I already have a metal curtain pole do I need to replace it with an eyelet pole if I want eyelet curtains?

The only real difference between an eyelet pole and a normal metal curtain pole is the curtain pole rings. The curtain pole rings are not needed for eyelet curtains so it is perfectly feasible to remove them from your existing curtain pole and slide your new eyelet curtains directly onto the pole. The only thing that you will need to consider is the diameter of your existing pole.

The diameter of the inside of an eyelet ring (or grommet) is normally 40mm. The ideal diameter of a metal curtain pole for eyelets is 28mm. So if your pole is 28mm diameter or slightly smaller then it will be fine for your eyelet curtains. If your metal pole is less than 20mm in diameter then the eyelets will slide on easily but you will need to check that the brackets supporting such a slim pole hold it far enough away from the wall to accommodate the depth of the folds that an eyelet heading creates in curtains. You ideally need at least 90mm clearance from the pole to the wall.

Gold Eyelet Curtain Pole

If you have a 35mm metal curtain pole then you will still be able to slide eyelets onto the pole but it will be a tight squeeze and there will be little clearance for the eyelets to operate properly. This will create drag or resistance and tugging at the curtains to get them to move along the pole will damage the curtains and possibly the pole too. However, if you are using the curtains purely as dress curtains and they are not going to be drawn, you can leave them sitting at either end of a 35mm curtain pole with no detriment to either the curtains or the pole and without the need to invest in a new pole.

I already have a wooden curtain pole, if I remove the curtain pole rings can I use it for my eyelet curtains?

We wouldn’t recommend using full working curtains with an eyelet heading on a wooden curtain pole. Eyelet rings are normally made of metal and if your curtains are going to be used and therefore drawn on a daily basis, then the metal rings could scratch the wooden curtain pole creating wear and tear that will not only affect the finish on the curtain pole, but which could ultimately cause enough damage prevent the curtain pole from working properly. The rough surface created by fine scratches building up over a period of time could cause drag and unnecessary friction on the pole thus compounding the effects of the wear and tear even further.

Hanging Pencil Pleat Curtains

If you are intending to put dress curtains on the pole though, that are not drawn everyday and are there merely to dress the window and add colour and interest, then there is no reason why you can’t put an eyelet curtain heading on your wooden pole. So long as the pole is slim enough in diameter for the eyelets to slide onto then it will be fine to leave your existing wooden curtain pole in place.

I have noticed that the eyelets rings on ready-made curtains are mostly silver, are eyelet poles only available in silver?

Our range of high quality and value for money eyelet curtain poles are available in several attractive colours and finishes to coordinate with your decor or accessories; and with a varied choice of stylish and eye catching finials. So we're sure you'll find the most suitable pole for your eyelet curtains to complete and complete the look in your room.

Most ready-made eyelet curtains will come with silver coloured eyelet rings and the norm is to match the colour of the pole to the eyelets so that they coordinate effectively. However, you don’t have to have a silver pole to match silver eyelets on ready-made curtains, as it may be more important to you that the pole matches the decor or colour scheme of the room rather than the eyelets; and you may have found your perfect fabric or colour in our ready-made section.

Metal Curtain Pole Bracket

Our eyelet curtain poles are available in satin silver, chrome, antique brass and polished graphite colours and finishes so there is something to match everyone’s taste and decor. If you prefer to have the eyelet rings in a matching colour to your pole though, you could consider having your eyelet curtains custom made from our vast selection of made to measure curtains.

You could have your curtains made to the perfect width and drop for your windows at a competitive and affordable price with a choice of eyelet headings in three different colours.

Silver - to match any of our satin silver, steel or chrome finish curtain poles.

Antique Brass - to match any of our antique brass, brass and shiny brass curtain poles.

Gunmetal - to match any of our black or polished graphite metal curtain poles. So, having beautifully dressed windows in the latest styles and colours of fabric, with modern and versatile eyelet headings and on beautifully coordinated curtain poles, has never been easier or more affordable! View Curtains Poles and Tracks.

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