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How to choose cushions that will compliment your sofa

Cushions have become a necessary addition to the majority of homes these days from pretty floral bed cushions to statement chair cushions that are strategically placed on a favourite chair. Cushions can be used indoors or outside in the garden, they can be utilitarian or simply attractive to look at. The choice of cushions available is enormous and there is no doubt that whatever your style is, the cushion for you is out there. From chintz to silk, from plaid to plain from small to huge and anywhere in between.

Three Coffee Tables In Front Of Sofa Adorned With Cushions

Assessing your sofa design

If you are looking for cushions to suit your sofa then firstly you need to look at what sort of sofa you have. Many sofa’s these days come with additional cushions that are designed to compliment the style and décor, and obviously if you have gone for this option then you will most probably not need too many extra cushions. Remember there is a fine line between just enough cushions and complete overkill. If, however, your sofa is the type that comes without any cushions at all then you might need to add some of your own to bring a little colour, style, texture and comfort to your seating. The simple act of adding a few well placed cushions can make a plain sofa look comfortable and inviting.

Daisies And Candles On A Coffee Table In Front Of Bright Yellow And Grey Cushions

Available cushion types

Let’s take a quick look at the type of cushions that are available, firstly let’s examine the filling options that you can choose from. Cushions can be soft and pliable and usually these have a filling that is natural like down or feather, or a mixture of both. These types of fillings are probably going to be more expensive because the fillings are natural. Then comes the hollow fibre or micro fibre, these can be just as soft as the more expensive cushions whilst keeping costs low because the filling is synthetic. The cheaper cushions are generally filled with foam and tend to be more durable but a little less pliable, although foam can be found in many densities from quite stiff to very soft. Because of its fabrication foam needs to be cut to shape or shredded into smaller pieces to give a little more softness.

Stack Of Cushions And Throw Blankets

Cushion filling types

The type of cushion filling you choose will dictate the firmness of your cushion, so if you need cushions that will be used for support then go for a firmer filling, and if you like to snuggle in and relax then a softer filling will probably be a better choice. Next let’s take a look at the designs of cushions you can choose from, as in all household décor the choice is huge. You need to decide if you want plain or patterned, frilled or edged. There is also an enormous variety in the size and shape of cushions from large squares to small circular or long bolster styles that are usually used to decorate beds.

Feathers In The Air, As Two Young Girls Have A Pillow Fight

Cushion arrangements

Cushions can be arranged in many ways to enhance the look you want to achieve. Normally larger cushions will be placed at the back of your arrangement and smaller, perhaps more striking cushions, can be placed at the front where they will give the most visual impact. Remember that you can use many types of cushions and it can give a chic eclectic look to mix and match colours and shapes. Cushions of the same colour but with different patterns go well together, as do cushions where the patterns are the same but the colours differ. It is also attractive when cushions have different fabrics so that a textural, tactile effect is created. Experiment, have fun swapping and moving your cushions until they give the look and comfort you're after. Cushions are a fabulous way to bring a fresh look to a room. Furthermore, they're an inexpensive way to give a tired looking sofa or chair a new lease of life.

Grey, Blue And Checked Cushions On A White Sofa

It would be a good idea to look online or browse through our extensive ranges. With our full full money back guarantee you have the satisfaction of knowing that just in case your purchase is not exactly what you need when you see it in place on your sofa or bed you can choose another without any quibbles.

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