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Can your tracks fit to a ceiling rather than a wall?

Another popular question we get asked is ‘can your tracks fit to a ceiling rather than a wall?’

The answer is Yes.

All of our tracks support multiple fixing types. Each manufacturer provides universal brackets suitable for Face Fix and Top Fix already in the packaging. In this article we will outline the benefits of fitting to the ceiling compared to a wall and potential issues you may face by choosing this option.

Fitting a track to a ceiling (top fix)

The great thing about ceiling fixing (also known as top fixing) a track is that it can create a neater look and make your window appear larger in size. A top fixing track also has superior insulation benefits when used with blackout or twill interlinings as it prevents warm air escaping during the colder months and keeps the room cooler by blocking out the sunshine during the warmer summer months.

Having a large window can make rooms look and feel chilly, so top fixing curtains can make the whole space seem extra snug by covering the area. If you're covering patio doors, normally there might not be a lot of space above so running a track wall to wall can whisk curtains right back off the doors maximising every bit of natural light.

Top fixing tracks also help to expose architectural features such as bay windows, allowing the track to blend in with the ceiling giving it a touch of elegance. Any other system would make this look clunky. For this purpose we recommend choosing our flexible Swish Sologlyde PVC track, this way you can tailor it to the dimensions and shape of your bay window with ease.

So, as you can see there are plenty of benefits of top fixing a track but be mindful there can be some slight issues if you're not made aware. We will try to cover them all below.

Things to consider when fitting a track to a ceiling

First of all be aware of what you are fixing your track into. Use appropriate raw plugs or plaster plugs and use trusted branded screws. Believe it or not there's a lot of weight in curtains. Ensuring you have a secure fixing you will have little to no issues at all.

Second of all, be mindful of the weight of material. Top fixing is perfect for voile materials, its also perfect for light-weight to medium-weight lined curtains however if your opting for a heavy weight material you may want to look at alternative options. For example, fixing a wooden baton to the ceiling will distribute the weight evenly and lower the risks of the brackets being pulled out of the wall.

In summary

So, if you're deciding to top fix you can use any of our tracks as they are supplied as standard with universal brackets. The only decision you will need to make is whether you'd prefer corded or uncorded and what material the track is made out of (either PVC or Aluminium). Again be mindful of the weight of fabric or curtain you wish to hang and make sure if you are top fixing that your track is securely fastened to save any disasters down the line.

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