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How deep are curtain tracks?

Stuck on space, have an unusual window or just not familiar with curtain tracks? No need to worry, in this article we will cover all there is to know about the dimensions of our tracks. This will just make it that little bit easier to choose a track for your window and know whether it is going to fit where you want it to.

We offer a fantastic range of tracks from leading manufacturers including Swish, Harrison & Drape and Fineline. Each of these manufacturers has different track depths so before placing an order it is worth reviewing the tracks available to see whether they are right for your window.

Swish Curtain Tracks

Starting with Swish, they offer three uncorded track options (Sologlyde, Deluxe & Supreme Glide), and two corded track options (Superluxe & Supreme Corded). The depth of each track is approximately 1” or 28mm. So if you only have a tight 28mm space for your track then this is a good choice.

In terms of uncorded or corded there is no difference in relation to track depth, however each option offers different properties.

Uncorded tracks are good for lightweight - medium weight fabrics meaning you can hand draw with ease. These tracks are also extremely flexible, therefore they are more suited to bay or bow windows.

Corded tracks are good for windows that have obstructions in front of them i.e sofas, TVs or beds. That way you won’t struggle drawing the curtains and they make drawing the curtains effortless. You should also consider going for a corded track if choosing made to measure curtains or light coloured materials as it protects the curtains from constant handling, which can soil them and prevent further damage such as tearing.

Even though the tracks may only be 28mm, it’s probably worth reviewing bracket dimensions as well as these can alter the overall depth of the track in relation to the wall. Below we have the bracket projections for each product:

Harrison Drape

Harrison Drape offers two fantastic track options (Standard Drape PVC & White Drape Aluminium) below you will find the dimensions of each product.

  • Standard Drape - 28mm Height, 7mm Depth, Bracket Projection 30mm (wall to front of the track)
  • White Drape - 19mm Height, 6mm Depth, Bracket Projection 32mm (wall to front of the track)

So if you are tight on how much space you have then the standard drape is a great option at 30mm away from the wall, but if you don’t need that extra 2mm then then white drape is slightly deeper.

Fineline Tracks

Finally the Fineline Aluminium Curtain Track (available in several colours). This is a fantastic all rounder suitable for both bays and straight windows. The depth of this track is 28mm and Bracket projection is 40mm (wall to front of the track).

So in summary:

However if space isn’t an issue then we would recommend the Swish Sologlyde PVC Track.  This is because the track is available up to 250cm in a single piece. Not to worry though if your window measures wider, you can join this track with a joining splice. Meaning you can get a track up to 5 metres! The clip on gliders helps the curtains to draw smoothly and because it’s made out of PVC it’s super flexible therefore bending into a half bay, 3 sided bay or bow window is incredibly easy. It’s a perfect all rounder!

So there you have it, the dimensions of all our tracks. As you can see they are all manufactured to pretty much similar dimensions, this is because tracks offer more of a discreet and minimal appearance. They are designed to fit in areas with restricted space between the top of the window and the ceiling. You can also bend tracks at a tighter radius so ideal for those awkward angles.

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