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What is the difference between each of your curtain tracks?

Thinking of buying a new curtain track but not sure what the differences between them are? Well in this guide we will explain all there is to know about each curtain track type, their purpose, benefits and our recommendations.

Curtain tracks work in a couple of ways, you can purchase manual hand draw curtain tracks or corded curtain tracks for ultimate safety and ease of use. Curtain tracks are ideal for straight windows or bay/bow windows. They are inexpensive, super easy to use, and lightweight, as well as being incredibly sturdy (due to the high quality PVC or Aluminium material used). 

Questions to ask yourself:

Asking yourself the following questions will help your to narrow down which track is best suited to your needs:

As you should see the answers to these questions guide you to the perfect curtain track for you. However if you require a little more information before making your decision then keep reading, as we go into a little more details about the features of each track.

Swish sologlyde PVC track

Our most popular curtain track yet. This versatile product is suitable for both straight and bay windows and suitable for reverse bends due to its extremely flexible material meaning you can return this track out of a bay. It can be wall or ceiling fixed using the provided brackets! This track can also support up to 11.3 kg of curtain material, so it's perfect for those who plan to hang up to medium weight curtains. We supply this track in selected sizes up to 250cm in a single piece, however it can also join to make longer lengths or can be trimmed to size.

Swish deluxe PVC track

A heavy duty PVC track offering superior functionality for heavyweight curtain fabrics up to 13.6 kg. This track is more suited for curtains with deep curtain headings and gives a clean look when the curtains are open. Again this track is extremely versatile and can be wall or ceiling mounted, trimmed to size and used for straight or bay windows. However due to the heavy duty PVC this is a little tougher to bend, so take extra care. Again this track is supplied up to 250 cm in a single piece but can be joined to make it longer.

Harrison drape PVC standard drape

This track is anything but standard, made in high quality PVC this track is straightforward to install as the curtain track simply clips onto the ingenious fixing brackets. The track is both suitable for straight or bay windows and can be wall or ceiling mounted. We recommend to only use this track for light weight curtains anywhere up to 6.8 kg in weight. This track is available up to 240 cm in a single piece but can be joined to make it longer.

Swish supreme glide aluminium track

This very high quality aluminium curtain track is designed to be used with luxury heavy weight curtain materials up to 13.6 kg. This track is extremely versatile to be used both on straight windows and bay windows. Can be wall or ceiling mounted and trimmed to size. Remember this track is made out of aluminium therefore installation of this track into a bay can be difficult. This track is also not suitable for reverse bends, therefore not suitable to return out of a bay. Before purchasing please be aware that anything over 250 cm will be supplied as two pieces. For example if you order a 300 cm track you will receive in the packaging two track lengths of 150 cm.

Harrison drape aluminium white drape track

This heavy duty traditional aluminium curtain track offers excellent durability and smooth operation. This track is ideal for awkward corners, straight or bay windows and can be easily shaped to any window. The track can be wall or ceiling mounted and is suitable for lightweight to medium weight curtains up to 9 kg. Before purchasing this track be aware that it is only available up to 240 cm and cannot be joined. However if you wish to purchase two of these tracks to create a longer length, then we would recommend you to use a centre overlap.

Fineline curtain track aluminium

This bendable lightweight aluminium curtain track is perfect for heavy weight curtains. Fineline track is a revolution in its industry because you can bend it and even reverse bend it by hand in seconds without the track walls collapsing. This means it’s perfect for both bay windows and straight windows. This track is also available in three gorgeous colours: white, silver & antique brass. Before purchasing please be aware that this track will be supplied in a single piece up to 200 cm and after that it will be supplied in two pieces i.e 250 cm will be supplied as two track lengths of 125 cm.

Swish superluxe & supreme corded tracks

These high quality pre-corded PVC & aluminium tracks are designed for use with luxury heavy weight curtain fabrics up to 13.6 kg. These well designed corded systems reduce curtain handling, minimising the risk of soiling and preventing damage such as tearing. These tracks offer a smooth operation with its roller gliders and rear glider channel which is specially coated to enhance performance. Reversible overlap and under lap provide extra light control for additional privacy.

Both tracks are suitable for both straight and bay windows, however can only be bent internally therefore returning outside a bay is not suitable. Both tracks can be wall or ceiling mounted and can be easily trimmed to size. Before purchasing please be advised that anything over 250 cm will be provided in two track lengths. Therefore you will have two control sides, one for each curtain. For example a 300 cm track will be provided two track lengths at 150 cm each, with their own corded system.

    Should I opt for a plastic or metal curtain track?

    This is all determined by the answers to the questions above, but mainly it comes down to installation. If you feel fairly confident installing tracks into bay windows then opt for an aluminium track. These will provide a longer lasting lifespan. However if you're not very confident then opt for our PVC tracks. The material is flexible and makes installation super easy.

    The materials used both PVC and aluminium aren’t any better than each other with regards to weight allowance or operation but the main difference is the lifespan. Remember PVC can become brittle and eventually will need replacing. This is where aluminium wins.

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