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What is the difference between each roman blind kit?

Ever wanted to have stylish roman blinds for your windows but been worried that your skills weren’t up to designing and making of them? Well now Terrys offer an easy and affordable option.

Our roman blind kits provide the highest quality components with easy to follow instructions, so using our kits will ensure your blinds look amazing. All of our kits can also be cut down to the exact size you require ensuring a snug fit. Plus because you have chosen your own fabric colour and pattern, they will look exactly how you want them to.

We offer a variety of kits depending on the usage and size of the window. In this article we will cover all you need to know about our kits and how to choose the right one for your window. Understanding how roman blinds work first can be helpful – this way you can better understand how you will use yours.

First of all ask yourself, will this blind be used more than twice a day or is it mainly designed to dress a window?

Will your blind be used more than twice a day?

If you plan on using it more than twice a day then we recommend purchasing one of our cassette roman blind kits. They are available in three options. A PVC deluxe cassette, an aluminium cassette kit and finally a connect aluminium cassette kit. They all share the same gearing mechanism, which takes the effort out of raising the blind due its smooth operation. The only real difference between these kits is the strength of the headrail.

How heavy is your fabric?

If you choose a lightweight material and the window width is relatively small (up to 150cm) then the PVC deluxe cassette is perfect. However if your window is slightly larger and you decide to choose a heavier material you may want to consider choosing an aluminium cassette instead.

Child safety device differences

The differences between the two aluminium cassettes are only small, but the biggest difference is the child safety device. On the connect aluminium cassette it features a new and improved side winder pulley mechanism which has a quick release wheel that comes away from the blind in the event of a child getting entangled. This means P-Clips are not required with this kit, and so there is no need to have unsightly holes drilled into your wall.

Will your blind mainly used to dress a window?

If you plan on rarely using the blind (if at all) and it will mainly serve the purpose of dressing your window you will be pleased to know that our corded roman blind kit is perfect.

The keylock cord guides make it extremely easy to position the blind and the cord-locking mechanism will hold your blind in any drop position. The strong aluminium headrail using hook tape to secure your blind to and the pull cord mechanism can be positioned on to either side of the blind. This allows you to choose which side you would like the blind cords to be. This kit is also perfect to use on the back of doors, due to the slimline rail. Meaning you can now dress your doors with roman blinds without the interference.

Cutting down roman blinds kits

So you’ve made the decision on what roman blind kit to use based on your preferences. But now your concerned that the header rail is too large for your window and need to know whether these blinds are easy to cut down? Well, you will be pleased to know that all our Roman blind kits are super easy to trim down. Here is our guide on how to cut roman blind kits down to size.

    In Summary

    • If you’re planning on using your blind more than twice a day but using a lightweight material and the window width is under 150cm wide then opt for the PVC Deluxe Cassette.
    • If you’re using a heavier material and are planning to make a blind up to 210cm wide then consider using the Aluminium Cassette Kit.
    • If the blind is to be used in a child's bedroom or where a child can get access to the blind then consider purchasing the Connect Aluminium Cassette Kit.
    • Finally if the blind is to be used only to dress a window or rarely operated then consider purchasing the Corded Roman Blind Kit. This kit is also perfect for those who are wanting to fit a roman blind to their door.

    Our Recommendation

    If there are no limitations or concerns then we recommend you to use the Connect Aluminium Cassette Kit. This is because it contains the most up to date components and features the new child safety sidewinder. This kit is perfect for all types of fabrics ranging from light-weight to heavy-weight and suitable for larger windows up to 210cm wide by 250cm drop. Having a blind this size would usually be a struggle to operate but due to the new gearing mechanism it now makes operating this blind effortless.

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