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Childrens Blinds Guide

Your children’s room should be their sanctuary. A cosy, safe place that they can retreat to, play and have a peaceful night’s sleep.

When choosing their window blinds your first priority should be safety - you don’t want them to get caught in them or be able to pull them down. 

Thanks to changes in laws, all blinds now have to be child safe, meaning they all must be fitted with breakaway systems to prevent dangerous entanglements. Which should reassure you of the safety of any blinds you choose for your childs room. 

Once that’s covered, you should consider how well it will block the light out, the privacy they offer and how it fits with the room decor.

Whether you're thinking about getting a safe blind for a nursery, kids roller blinds or blackout blinds, with a varied range to consider, read on to discover which will be right for you. 

What are the Best Types of Blinds for Kids Rooms?

Blinds are in use from the moment your child wakes up to the moment they go to sleep. You want them to be safe. So blinds that are untouchable when they’re young, or safely alterable if they’re a bit older. 

They should be colourful and add to the overall feeling of the room, as well as allowing your children privacy. They also need to be easy to clean!

Out of the multitude of children’s blinds out there, some of the best options include:

  • Roller Blinds - easy to install and available in a range of complimentary colours. Also they tend to be simple to clean!
  • Day & Night Blinds - Offering slightly more light control than the usual blinds, you can block, filter or open completely. 
  • Venetian blinds - good for older children as it can provide a more grown-up look, and provide a good balance between light and privacy.
  • Thermal Blinds - if the room has issues with temperature management, thermal blinds offer a stylish solution, they are also one of the best types of blackout blinds.
  • Roman Blinds - especially good in rooms with multiple windows, and add a touch of finesse to a room. They can also be easy to clean.

You can also choose to have blinds in a cordless style for added child safety…

What is a Child Safe Blind?

A child-safe blind for your windows will have safety features in place to help ensure that cords or chains are hidden or tensioned in order to prevent any accidents with children.

When considering what type of mechanism to look at for your new blind there are several choices:

  • A wand mechanism- generally used with vertical blinds
  • Motorised mechanism - all blinds can have this fitted.
  • Gear / crank - usually used on roller blinds.
  • Constant tension - also known as cordless

If your new blinds have a cord, you could install a ‘wall cleat’ to tie the cord around, or cut the cords to be shorter and affix a tassel to the end. 

The Best Kids Blinds 

Where possible, all of the blinds here have been chosen with a blackout option for your peace of mind! 

Blackout Map of the World Roman Blind - who says a blind can’t be educational and functional! Help them learn the world without a poster. Just make sure to put a wall cleat for the cord. Pair with the vintage map bedding to add further detail!

Aries Day and Night Blind - an excellent addition to a modern childrens room - this would work well in an older child’s bedroom. By adjusting the position of the transparent and opaque layers, you can create different levels of light and privacy.

Electric Blue Aluminum Venetian Blind - to add a feature blind and provide a zap of colour, Venetian blinds can allow a lot of light into the room whilst maintaining privacy. For the full ‘wow’ factor, pair with the hero glow in the dark bedding.

Dinosaur Roman blind - A colourful, fun addition to a Nursery or toddler’s room, this blind adds personality in a cost-effective manner, meaning you can upgrade easily later. Pair with the matching Dinosaur bedding to offer the whole pre-historic feel! 

Thermal Princess Blind - for the little Princess in your life - the thermal coating ensures that less heat can escape through the window. A perfect half-way between a blind and curtain. For the whole feel, pair it with the Unicorn bedding.

Star Roller Blind - perfect for your budding astrologer who can see the stars with the blind open or shut. Pair with the mini star bedding to make their room feel like the universe.

Blinds can add a final finesse to a room and allow some personality to be expressed. With a child’s bedroom, they absolutely need to be blackout to give the best chance of a good night’s sleep.. If they’re too young to have shown preference for anything, a nice neutral tone is always a great choice for a nursery.

For further inspiration, you can view our whole children’s blind range here

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