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Our Guide to the Best Kitchen Blinds and Curtains

Choosing the best window dressings for your kitchen can be difficult - whether that’s kitchen curtains or blinds. There are a lot of factors to consider and as it tends to be the room at the heart of every home, you’ll want to ensure you choose something you’ll be happy living with for years to come. 

We’ve pulled together some of our best tips and ideas to help you choose the best kitchen blinds and curtains for your space.

Kitchen Blind Ideas

Blinds are a truly practical choice for kitchen windows. They take up very little space, effectively blocking out any unwanted light and providing privacy in the room without infringing on worktop space. It’s relatively common to find a window above the kitchen sink, and whilst from an aesthetic point of view this makes a lot of sense, it does mean that when you come downstairs to fill the kettle first thing in the morning, or prepare a hot water bottle late at night, you’ll be in full view of your neighbours. 

Choosing to invest in kitchen blinds - for over the sink and elsewhere - ensures a level of privacy which allows you to go about your day (and night) without worrying about being spotted looking worse for wear. 

Roman Blinds for Kitchens

Roman blinds are an extremely popular choice for kitchens. When they’re open, they’re tidily folded above the window, to allow natural light into the space. Closed, they become not just a privacy screen, but a beautiful canvas for the fabric of your choice. 

Everything from the colour of your kitchen cabinets to your flooring will impact your decision on the roman blind’s design. If you’re a minimalist, we’d recommend refining your colour palette so that when your blinds are open, they blend seamlessly into the rest of the kitchen, making the space appear bigger, airier and less fussy. 

We love the Toma Made To Measure Roman Blind in Gold, to ensure a timeless look in any window of the home. With its subtle patterning of irregular vertical slubs, this jacquard is easy to live with and brings a subtle elegance to a primarily space. 

Should you prefer a maximalist vibe, go bold and bright with something like Orla Kiely’s Kimono Roman Blind. A colourful floral that can either be the focal point of the room, or coordinated with other homeware, this blind packs a stylish punch. 

It’s worth considering that should you require it, you can opt for a blackout lining behind any blind from us, as well. Whilst not every kitchen will be flooded with light, if yours is and you’d prefer a bit of shade (which is particularly helpful in summer when you’re cooking over a hot stove), it’s well worth considering. Blackout lining can be the difference between a cool food prep station and a sweltering one. Sweating your leeks is one thing, it’s quite another to feel yourself melting at dinnertime… 

Kitchen Roller Blinds 

Whilst there isn’t a huge difference between roman and roller blinds, plenty of people find the latter easier to operate. Should useability be an important factor for you, go for roller blinds for your kitchen. They’re speedy, easy to open and close, and - most importantly - still available in an extensive range of colours and patterns. 

Sophie Allport’s range of farmyard-themed designs work beautifully in the kitchen, with the Sheep Made To Measure Blackout Roller Blind in Sage representing a staple for countryside-inspired kitchens. If you’d prefer your kitchen roller blinds to add a little joie de vivre to an otherwise pared-back space, try Cath Kidston’s Paisley Made To Measure Roller Blind. A whimsical take on paisley, this colourful blind will imbue your kitchen with a sense of quirky fun. 

Should your motivation for purchasing kitchen blinds be rooted specifically in privacy - opting for sheer roller blinds will allow you to go unnoticed by prying eyes, without sacrificing natural light. The Olympus Made To Measure Translucent Roller Blind in Snow will provide a screen between you and your neighbours, whilst ensuring the kitchen retains its brightness, so you can feel free to float around in your PJs without a care in the world!

Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Prefer curtains to blinds? Kitchen curtains present an excellent option for many homes, whether you’re dressing smaller windows, French doors or crittal bifolds, curtains can imbue a busy living area with a real sense of the occupant’s character. Hang a bold floral design - like the Voyage Maison Country Hedgerow Ready Made Curtains in Sky - from a burnished brass curtain rail, to evoke the country homes of yore. 

Take inspiration from the Regency era, and invest in beautiful jewel-toned velvet curtains akin to those of Jane Austen’s Pemberley. Alternatively, soften bright white spaces with pastel-toned curtains, like the Boucle Ready Made Eyelet Curtains in Green. Whatever your aesthetic, you can be sure there’ll be a pair of kitchen curtains in our range to match.

Net Curtains for Kitchens

If you’re not relying on your kitchen curtains to block out sunlight, or if you’re lucky enough to have a fairly private spot, you might prefer to purchase net curtains for your kitchen windows. 

Choosing a sheer voile fabric will mean you can enjoy all the natural light your kitchen gets, all year round. Catherine Lansfield’s Aletta Tufted Stripe Ready Made Voile Curtains in White give rooms a fresh, airy look, which looks especially beautiful in summer. If you love the sheer look but still have concerns about privacy, consider layering blinds behind the voiles. 

On the occasions when you’d prefer to be totally out of sight, you can simply lower your more substantial window dressings a little, and pull the voiles across. Together, they’ll obscure anyone’s view of the kitchen, but you’ll be able to retain that easy breezy vibe you love so much.

Whatever your kitchen windows call for, you’ll find the perfect match in our extensive range of blinds and curtains. Explore the best kitchen blinds and curtains to get inspired today.

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