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What’s the difference between a quilt and a duvet?

There are many options for bed linens and coverings. Whilst just about any bedding plan will include a bottom sheet and cases for the pillows, it’s up to the individual to decide what other elements will be included. Two common options are duvets and quilts. Here are some facts to know about each one before deciding how to dress the bed.

Quilt essentials

If ever a solution for bedding was invented out of thrift, the quilt is it. A traditional quilt is composed of three basic parts. The bottom part is typically a solid piece of material which can be in any colour the individual chooses. Next comes the filler. A traditional quilt will use cotton batting, but it is possible to use synthetic materials as well.

The materials need to be somewhat flat but capable of holding warmth in the bed. The top of the quilt is where the fun begins. That portion is composed of various scraps of material. The types of material used can vary, based on what the individual has on hand. Those scrapes are trimmed into specific shapes and arranged in a manner that creates a specific pattern.

Choosing Different Bedding

It is possible to create a quilt without the use of a pattern. This approach is normally known as a crazy quilt. The combination of colours and shapes of the scraps emerges as the individual sews each one to the body of the quilt top. Once the top is completed, it’s sewn to the bottom with the filler in between.

Many quilting hobbyists also use stitching to hold the filler in position. Quilts are typically used in conjunction with top sheets and either bedspreads or a comforter (a lighter weight quilt). Some people love the look of quilts so much that they will dispense with a spread and use the quilt as the top dressing for the bed.

Duvets and their functions

Duvets are different in that they are essentially large flat pillows designed to span the expanse of the bed and hang off the edges. The duvet is inserted into a cover, much like one would slip pillow cases over a bed pillow. Unlike the quilt, many people would dispense with the use of a top sheet. That’s because duvet covers can be removed and laundered just as one would launder a set of sheets.

Duvet Tog Sizes

One feature that quilts and duvets share is retaining body heat on a cold night. The choice of fillers ensures that the occupant of the bed is adequately protected from the cold and that the bed is warm and comfortable for the entire night. However, quilts tend to be much heavier that duvets, so if you prefer to sleep in warmth without too much weight a duvet is a better option for you.

In terms of appearance, choosing between a quilt and a duvet depends on the type of look that the individual wants to create in the bedroom. Whilst there are exceptions, quilts are generally more suited to bedrooms with a casual feel or those wit a country cottage decorating style. A duvet would be a better choice if the desire is to create a more contemporary or formal feel for the bedroom.

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