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How many cushions is too many on a sofa?

If your dog, cat or children sit down on the couch and disappear into a sea of cushions, you have too many! Seriously, it's a good question. Cushions are a wonderful way to change the décor in the house without having to spend a fortune. They add interest to an area and can rejuvenate the look of a sofa or chair and make it seem fresh and appealing again.

You can use them to tie the colour of furniture into a new colour scheme or add a splash of colour to the old one. Too few cushions, as well as too many, can throw any decorating scheme of kilter, making it look more hodgepodge than stylish.

Blue, Grey And Checked Cushions On A Light Coloured Sofa

Signs you have too many cushions

Some signs you have too many can occur when a guest visits your home. If you notice them standing rather than disturbing your cushions, you probably have too many or are on the brink of it. You should be able to have some sitting room, whether it's for yourself or for guests, without removing stacks of cushions to achieve it. If there were a magic number, you'd find it here.

There is no way to say 10 is good but 11 is over the top unless you know the size of the cushions, size of the furniture, type of cushion, room décor and even room size. You may have a great look for a large room, but that same number of cushions creates a clutter in a smaller area.

Multiple Cushions Of All Different Colours And Shapes On A Sofa

Rules to follow:

Here are some rules to go by when deciding how many is enough.

1. Do they serve a purpose other than decoration? Extra decorative cushions can prop you up higher for reading, watching TV or even enjoying a snack in bed. They serve a purpose, so a few extra won't hurt and can add to the décor. The same goes for decorative cushions on the sofa. If the sofa isn't in a formal area and often used for lounging, a few extra cushions can add to the enjoyment. Make sure they have removable cases so you can wash the cases frequently.

2. View the grouping with an objective eye. If you can't do it alone, ask a friend. Make sure you let the friend know you want honest advice, not just someone to say it's attractive. Have several combinations ready, some with fewer cushions and some with more and allow your friend to choose what he or she thinks is the most attractive. You can do it on your own, but don't let the fact that you have the cushion mean you have to use it. They don't spoil like food does and can be stored for later use to create a new look.

3. While the displays make look gorgeous, consider their practicality. If you have to have a whole ceremony removing the cushions and placing them in a different area – which doesn't detract from the room's appearance – you need to take action. A sofa can look fantastic with anywhere from three to six cushions, depending on the size of both. After that, you'll be more active removing and storing them than you want to be when it's family night or you have a guest. Use your eye and be critical to get both the look and comfort you need from your cushions. Interior design trends are worth following if they provide you the style of decorative cushions that work for the size and style of your sofa.

Bright Yellow And Grey Cushions Behind A Wooden Coffee Table

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