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How to choose the right curtain fabric

Tried and tested for hundreds of years, fabric curtains are without doubt the most popular window treatments on the market today. Fashions and fads have come and gone but curtains remain untouched and changed. If anything, curtains have become more popular even than before the introduction of their more modern competitors, and this has much to do with the major advances made by the textile industry over the last few decades.

Versatility of modern fabrics

With modern technology now able to create a virtually limitless array of beautiful fabrics, curtains today offer so much choice. Putting my reputation as a designer on the line, I would go as far as to say that I guarantee there is a style of curtain  to suite any room in existence- now how many other items of home furnishing can promise that?!

Factors to consider when choosing fabrics

When choosing a pair of curtains, the decision you make will depend on a wide range of factors. Obviously the colour and style of the room is a big one, as is the amount of privacy required, the upholstery on your existing furniture and which direction your window faces in terms of the sun. For example, if you want to optimize the amount of light entering your room, choose a light fabric with light colour and soft patterns on it rather than a heavy drape.

If your window gets a lot of sunlight, you may want avoid using dark coloured materials, as they will fade quickly. Adding interlining fabric to your curtains is always a good idea if you want to protect the colour of the curtain against fading; it also helps to give your room some extra insulation against both heat and cold. Other aspects you will need to bear in mind while choosing fabric for curtains is the size and shape of both the room window as good proportion is the key to successful window dressing.

Room purpose and fabric choices

For rooms used formally or for special occasions such as dining or function rooms, Terry’s currently offer a fantastic range of high quality designer fabric finishes like brocade, damask fabric, faille, silk or velvet. All would prove perfect for windows dressed to impress! For more informal rooms choose from a whole range of natural woven fabrics like linen and cotton to create a relaxed and comforting ambience.

No matter what fabric you choose, you are sure to be impressed if not fully overcome by the sheer amount of wonderful patterns available. From nature inspired plant and fruit motifs to checks or stately pinstripes, geometric lines and swirls to fun childrens curtain fabric, it really is all here.

Measuring your window accurately

Remember, before you even begin to look for curtain fabric, be sure to measure your window accurately. To determine the length of the curtain pole to hang from, you first have to decide on the length of the curtain: sill length, below sill length or floor length. The thickness of the pole will also depend on the weight of the fabric. The width of the curtain should always be a slightly more than that of the window.


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