How to measure for made to measure pencil pleat curtains - video

Here you will find our measuring guide for pencil pleat made to measure curtains. Pencil pleat curtains are quite versatile as they can be fitted on a curtain pole or on a curtain track. So below we have two measuring guides to cover both options.

How to measure for pencil pleat curtains

Measuring for a curtain pole

You’ll need to gather a tape measure as well as a pen and paper to jot down your measurements – you will need to know the width of your curtain pole and the desired curtain length or drop.

  1. On your paper, outline the window and name the two measurements you’re going to need.
  2. Start by measuring the pole width. To do this measure the full width of the pole but not including the finials. Note the measurement on your paper as the pole width.
  3. Now, to measure the curtain drop measure from directly below the curtain rings to the point your want your curtains to end. For floor length curtains – take 1-1.5cm off the measurement if you want them to slightly clear the floor, add 4-10cm if you want them to gather a little and 20-30cm if you want them to ‘puddle’. If you want them to sit flush keep them as they are.
  4. Note this down as your curtain drop and use both measurements when ordering your made to measure curtains.

Measuring for a curtain track

Again, you will need your pen and paper as well as a tape measure.

  1. Draw your window on your paper and label the two measurements you will need – your curtain track width and the curtain drop.
  2. First measure the track width – measure the full width of the curtain track from end to end. If you have a track which is in two parts that overlap, measure these individually and add them together to get your final width. Note the width on your paper.
  3. Now measure the drop. Measure from the top of the curtain track to where you want the curtains to end. As above you can adjust your drop measurements depending on how you want them to sit should they be floor length.
  4. Note your drop measurement down, you will need both measurements when ordering your curtains.