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Romantic bedroom ideas for your home

The bedroom is normally for snoozing. However, it can also be a romantic retreat. So, injecting some romance would not go amiss. When it comes to romantic bedroom ideas, there are a few things to be considered. A passionate bedroom is more than just silk bedding and heart-shaped beds. The key is to create a relaxed vibe developed around the elements of the room. In terms of ambience, it should be warm, sensual, and inviting. Here, décor also becomes an important factor. Certain fixtures will be sure to set the mood, so that Cupid is amidst you all-year round. From layered textures to metallic blinds and curtains – there is an abundance of romantic bedroom ideas to inspire your love nest.

1. Choosing the right colour palette

From jewel tone colours to smooth pastels, decorating a romantic style bedroom requires picking a colour scheme that creates harmony. A monochrome colour palette is one way to accomplish a comforting retreat. Also, it is a great idea to take one colour and use light and dark tones from it. This generates curiosity but likewise prevents the area from appearing too chaotic.

It is commonly thought that to achieve romance in a room, colours used must be soft and sweet. However, this is not case. Shades like burgundy and purple, or dramatic colours like charcoal gray and dark brown also create the same effect. If you are a fan of dark shades, you could add an accent wall or some intriguing curtains, instead of painting the whole room in that colour. A gorgeous accent wall is the picture-perfect backdrop for a chandelier, making it a vision of opulence!

Pastel shades are very popular these days. To induce romance, try a colour scheme that blends pastels with neutral hues. Such shades transform your bedroom into the honeymoon suite you have always dreamed of. A pastel and neutral colour scheme is ideal for a rustic and romantic design.

2. Décor

Your romantic retreat would not be complete without accessories. Decorating your windows with soft, velvet drapes screams romance and luxury. Our Verona Crushed Velvet Ready Made Lined Eyelet Curtains are ideal for a subtle hint of romance. For a calming colour scheme, opt for drapes which match the wall colour. The texture of your curtains and bedding will spark enough visual attention, so that adding additional shades will not be necessary.

Artwork is great way to create interest. Use accent colours from your colour scheme when you select artwork for the area. Remember to pick murals that are directly meaningful and expressive for this unique area. To pull the space together, add bursts of colour with candles, throws and other beautiful decorations that will improve the ambience.

3. Minimalist romance
Cut-back the area and you can still have a bedroom that exudes sensuality. Start with a blank canvas of white walls and curtains and then build up décor from there. Stencils are a great way to infuse love in a simple manner. You can create the ultimate romantic mood by printing words like love onto the wall using stencils. You can adjust the mood depending on the colour you select for the print. We recommend using trendy greys with a metallic finish. This establishes a stylish atmosphere. However, if you want to have a bit more fun with it, go for a fiery red.

4. Pink all the way

When it comes to romantic bedroom ideas, pink radiates charm and playfulness. You cannot go wrong with a pretty in pink colour scheme. If you want to ditch the typical red bedroom, for a sweeter, gentler aesthetic, pink is the one. From cheerful coral curtains to deeper shades of raspberry and magenta, these colours can be utilised to create pleasure and excitement. Bedding is a great way to bring this style into the bedroom. Our Limoge Bedding will induce a compassionate and mischievous atmosphere in the area.

5. Be unique

Blue can actually be used successfully as an accent colour when combined with brown hues. When paired with the right fittings, your bedroom will establish its own exclusivity. Romantic bedroom aesthetics do not always need be soft or pale shades. You can utilise other colours and textures to still have the same dreamy impact. Opt for a tufted velvet comforter and bed drapery made from a patterned material. The pattern will help create an effect which is evocative of Ancient Roman tunic styles. Curtains and blinds are another great way to introduce different textures – even pairing smooth roller blinds with textured curtains. Go the extra mile and place a potted palm tree in the corner of the room for a touch of the exotic – the ultimate romantic getaway.

With our romantic bedroom ideas, you should have all you need to spark a little passion. Take just a couple of these or implement them slowly, until your room becomes the perfect retreat. Remember, you will be spending a lot of time in your bedroom. So, take the time to create a romantic getaway where you can feel relaxed and wooed, all at the same time.

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