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Green bedroom ideas

Green is the colour of equilibrium, establishing balance between the head and the heart. It also represents growth, renewal and rebirth, connecting humans to nature. When it comes to green bedroom ideas, many people think it is a tough shade to work with. However, this is not case, and green can bring to a life a room in many ways. Whether you add just a pop of green or paint your entire bedroom in this shade, it is a versatile hue that exudes harmony to any décor scheme. There are so many shades of green to work with. From light tones of mint and lime green, to darker shades of sage, emerald, and hunter green. These gorgeous, green bedroom ideas will leave anyone who visits your home, green with envy.

Tropical green

If you are feeling bold and love the tropics, you can bring a touch of your dream vacation right to your bedroom. A tropical wall pattern certainly makes a statement. Keeping the remainder of the room décor simple, accompanied with a fresh green and white palette, bare floors, plain bedding and curtains, adds a toned-down, yet fun feel to the bedroom.

Nature green

Green resembles growth. So, it is only natural to use it as an accent hue in a bedroom with a botanical theme. Soft, delicate artwork and leaf-print bedding generate a serene and calming ambience.

Mint green

A mint green bedroom radiates opulence. Bring in stronger accent colours like walnut or mahogany through your furniture, textured materials like linen or wool, and striking designs on cushions and curtains. Mint green then develops a beautiful backdrop behind such solid furnishings, creating femininity and a cool character to a bedroom.

Olive green

There is a majestic feel to olive green. It is a sophisticated hue and aids when wanting to implement minimalist glamour to your bedroom. Pair it with gold and brass undertones for a luxurious feel. This shade of green has a velvety base, which blends well with fabrics that are equally as lavish, such as refined marble. Olive’s natural sheen means that it transmits beautifully onto fabrics, like velvet headboards.

Green bedroom accessories

Accessories remain fundamental in building a colour palette, especially within green bedrooms. If you have opted to keep the rest of your bedroom’s interior subdued and green-free, choose accessories which stand out and make a statement.

Or alternatively, you can go above and beyond and create recurring accents of green all through the bedroom. A green trim on a window pane combined with pure, green décor all over will create the green filled heaven you desire in your bedroom.

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