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How to clean vertical blinds

Blinds are a stylish way to dress up windows or patio doors - and they give you privacy when you need it. The only problem is figuring out how to wash your vertical blinds - you can't just throw them in the washing machine once a month! 

However, no household has an excuse regarding failing to clean their vertical blinds. As a result, our team at Terrys have put their heads together to provide you with the following advice to help you have them brand spanking new for longer. Plus - you’d be surprised how much dust and dirt can build up, which can be a nightmare for those with allergies!

Knowing how to wash your vertical blinds is an important step in maintaining their quality. There are two main ways to clean your vertical blinds; regular cleaning and deep cleaning. Regarding regular cleaning, all you need is a vacuum and a little stain remover. And, every so often you may want to give them a deep clean; in which case all you have to do is take them down and hand wash them in the bath with some soap and water.

Cleaning them on a regular basis is important, as a yearly swipe with a feather duster isn't adequate for this type of window treatment (or any for that matter!).

There are different materials used that may influence how to clean vertical blinds. Generally, they are made of either plastic, wood or fabric - all materials that should be cleaned weekly to stop the dust from building up.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

One of the easiest ways to clean your vertical blinds is by using a hoover to remove dust. Just make sure to use the upholstery attachment, as this will provide the best results and make cleaning a breeze. 

Cleaning your blinds might be a monotonous task, but taking the time to clean each blind from top to bottom, on both sides of each slat, is a great way to keep your home as clean as possible. 

If there are any stains, you can remove these with a simple solution of warm water and soap. Splashed drinks and other accidents can happen - but a damp, soapy cloth should be enough to remove these with ease. Just make sure to tackle the stain as soon as possible, as porous materials, such as wood, will become harder to clean the longer they are left. 

Whenever you clean your blinds, you should leave the windows open to dry, so the material has a chance to air and dry thoroughly. In addition, if you want to use any specialist products, you should double check that they are suitable for your blind material.

This is important, as some types of blinds, such as wood, will often benefit from wood cleaner or polish for a spruce from time to time. However, some types of wood may not react well to chemicals - and if you are worried about damaging your vertical blinds, you should always start with a sample area and check for damage, or ask advice from the retailer.

Deep Cleaning Vertical Blinds

As long as you do a weekly clean, deep cleaning your blinds will only be necessary on a yearly basis. 

So, how do you deep clean your blinds? Here’s a step by step guide:

Take the blinds down - Take the blinds down from the window, removing the chain, bottom plates and the hooks from the top.

Keep the slats in order - Gather the slats together and be careful to keep them in order, especially if they bear a pattern. 

Hand wash fabric blinds - Fabric blinds can be hand washed in the bath with lukewarm water and a little soap, or in a washing machine with a low temperature - just avoid placing them in the dryer. Instead, hang your vertical blinds outside, or back on the window if there is enough ventilation to dry them, and make sure to only replace the chain and plates when they are fully dry. 

Use a soft brush on wood and plastic blinds -  With wood and plastic, you can use a soft brush outdoors and the garden hose, as long as the jet isn't too powerful. 

Rinse - Thoroughly rinse your blinds and get rid of any soap suds before allowing them to dry, otherwise you can end up with staining. Likewise, don't over soak wooden blinds or you could distort them.

Polish - Don't forget a little polish to make them look brand new again!

There are many modern treatments available for vertical blinds, which can help to prevent dust from building up. These include coatings which stop them warping or fading in harsh sunlight. 

Always check the instructions and labels before stripping your blinds down, and, if you have made to measure blinds, you should double check the manufacturer's guidelines.

While you have your blinds stripped down, it is moreover the ideal opportunity to replace any stained or damaged vertical blind slats, whether damaged by accidental spills and over boisterous animals or children! 

If you’re considering installing vertical blinds in your home, you can view our full range here.

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