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Feng shui bedroom ideas for your home

One of the most important rooms in the house is the bedroom. It is your sanctuary, the place you go to relax, unwind and enjoy a blissful night’s sleep. Therefore, it is very important to adhere to a good feng shui bedroom design. This is an ancient Chinese concept relating to the movement of positive energy, known as Ch’i, and how it connects with objects in a space. The principles of feng shui place value on how you organise the décor in your home, as it can affect your wellbeing. Naturally then, when going through a big decluttering process, it makes sense to start with your bedroom. Making simple yet effective changes has never been easier and in no time, you will have the perfect feng shui bedroom.

Colour scheme

In a feng shui bedroom, specific colours are believed to stimulate sensuality and serenity, whilst promoting a soothing night’s sleep. A general rule of thumb is to select skin tones or muted colours that you would find in nature. Creams, chocolate, browns and peach shades work extremely well. If you have difficulty sleeping or you have an incredibly fast-paced life, go for neutral tones. So, when renovating, opt for furniture, bedding, blinds and decorations that are also in this shade. Neutrals tend to be calming without being too dull.


The quickest way to create harmony in a feng shui bedroom is knowing how to utilise the layout. The most essential piece of furniture to focus on is your bed. Feng shui means placing your bed so that your bedroom door is visible when you are laying down. Positioning your bed on the same wall as your door is believed to make you feel endangered. In feng shui, bed headboards offer a sense of support in life. When deciding on a bedpost, choose one that has soft edges. Heavy iron headboards or ones with metal bars are said to promote bad energy. Instead, go for fabric ones which have a gentler touch.

Reduce clutter

A messy bedroom creates stress, and good feng shui calls for the removal of all clutter. An open space, especially beneath your bed generates healthy and balanced energy around your room. However, if you live in a small space and must use the space beneath your bed as storage, stick to soft, sleep-related pieces like blankets, pillows, and bedspreads. It is not an area to keep pieces like clothing that no longer fits or keepsakes. A tidy bedroom sets the tone for uncluttered thinking. So, take the time to free your home of the nonessentials in your bedroom.


Mirrors can become a problem in a feng shui bedroom. Make sure the mirror looks sideways onto your bed. The belief is that when you sleep at night, your soul is intended to depart your body. When it leaves, if the first thing it sees is a reflection of itself, it will cause a shock-factor. This is what triggers nightmares and restless sleep. Secondly, when you sleep, your body rejuvenates with new Ch’i. This is so that the negative Ch’i disappears from your body. If there is a mirror facing towards you, the negative Ch’i cannot depart. This does not just apply to mirrors but anything reflective like a computer screen or metal surface. If you are unable to move the mirror, a good tip is to place something over it when you sleep such as a throw or blanket. This way your feng shui bedroom will be as tranquil as possible.

Ban technology

Most feng shui specialists believe that all electronics should be excluded from a bedroom. For example, by having a TV in your bedroom, you are inviting in strangers whenever you switch it on. Try to keep the outside world out of your private sanctuary. Your time in the bedroom is meant for you, to rest. So, rid your space of any distractions and channel feng shui in every way possible.

To sum it up, if you want to establish a feng shui bedroom that follows the laws, there are a few key things to consider. Select a bed positioning where you can see the door, get rid of any mess, place mirrors in optimum spots and choose comforting wall colours. When you pledge to adjusting your bedroom for feng shui, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. However, try not to let all the rules get to you. Every bedroom is different, and every person is different, so apply the feng shui rules that work best for you.

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