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Day and Night Blinds Guide

Moved into your new home at last to discover that your blinds aren’t quite right? Meet day and night blinds, which are a versatile and unique feature for any home. These window features add ambiance, style and practicality - meaning they can transform any space! 

We’ve put together a guide on everything you need to know about day and night blinds, from discussing the different types to the nitty gritty, offering our pro tips on cleaning and maintenance

What are Day and Night Blinds? 

Day and night blinds, which are also known as zebra blinds, are named for their fully adjustable settings, meaning they are ideal for any time of day! For example, putting them on their ‘day’ setting, and making the blinds fully sheer, lets in a significant amount of light. Alternatively, placing these window treatments into ‘night’ mode means you can benefit from privacy or block out any unwanted light. 

The blinds are not only practical, but moreover stylish, appearing in a range of colours. These include stylish grey day and night blinds, which are also available in beautiful designs, such as leafy vine

Types of Day and Night Blinds 

There are many different types of day and night blinds, which provide different features. They are moreover available in a variety of styles, meaning they can complement any interior trend and make any space look timeless!

We’ve briefly discussed some of the most common types of day and night blinds below:

Standard day and night blinds

These are the most common type of day and night blind, using layers of fabric to allow and block out light for flexibility. Often called ‘zebra’ or ‘vision’ blinds, these window features offer a variety of alternating sheer and opaque layers to offer light control and privacy.

Carlisle Made to Measure Day & Night Blinds

Motorised blinds

These are exactly the same as the standard version, but they can be controlled using a button or remote, making them ideal for windows that are elevated or tricky to reach! 

Blackout blinds

While following the same ‘alternating’ pattern, blackout day and night blinds offer users an extra level of privacy. These products feature very dark opaque sections, ensuring that less light and visibility is offered via the blinds. As such, you can hide away the contents of your home and ensure you can relax on the soft without any prying eyes. 


Fitting Day and Night Blinds

The best way to ensure an easy fitting of your window treatments is to order made to measure day and night blinds. However, we understand it’s not always that easy - sometimes you purchase the house of your dreams with tricky dimensions! For advice to ensure your day and night blinds fit perfectly, you can view our handy guide.

Styling Day and Night Blinds

There are several ways you can style day and night blinds. After all, these handy features are designed to complement the interior of your home. This means the colours and styles you select will be entirely dependent on your own preferences, whether cool ivory or a neutral cream to enhance any space. Alternatively, we have a complete guide to styling day and night blinds - including location, colour and accessories. 

How to Clean and Maintain Day and Night Blinds

Cleaning and maintaining your day and night blinds is incredibly easy. All you need to do is spot clean them with a damp cloth. However, if you need to deep clean your blinds, you might find some insights here!

Purchase Your Very Own Day & Night Blinds Today! 

Day and night blinds are a beautiful addition to any home, while providing extra levels of security and privacy. These window treatments moreover allow for extra control regarding light, meaning they’re the perfect, versatile addition all year round. 

Want to learn more about window treatments that can make your house your own? Explore our full range of blinds and fashionable curtains today to create the perfect ambiance in your home. 

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