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How to attach and dress curtains

Now you have your beautiful new curtains ready to hang in your home you may be concerned about how best to do so. The type of curtain you have purchased will dictate how you attach them – but how you dress them may be more personal.

How to attach eyelet curtains

Eyelet curtains are the easiest curtains to hang. All you need to do is thread the eyelet holes on to your curtain pole. Leave the last eyelet hole off the pole and instead fix it outside the bracket. The pleats should natural fall by themselves.

How to attach pencil pleat curtains

Check your window width again before gathering the heading tape on pencil pleat curtains as you don’t want to gather the curtains so much that they no longer fit the window.

  1. First make sure all the strigs are secure at both ends. If not tie all 3 strings together at both ends fo the curtain. Then, pull the cords to gather the heading tape – you want to do this slowly and carefully to ensure the gather is even.
  2. Once you’re happy with the gather tie the cords, but don’t cut them in case you need to re-adjust.
  3. Attach your curtain hooks at an even distance and then attach them to the curtain track or pole.
  4. Tuck the exess string behind the curtain tape.

How to attach pinch pleat curtains

  1. Attach your curtain hooks to the heading tape of your curtains – these hooks should then fit into the ‘eyes’ on the curtain rings.
  2. The curtain heading should cover the 'eyes' but fall below the rings. If the rings are partly covered they will push the heading forward, making the curtain stick out rather than lying flush
  3. The end ring is placed between the bracket and the finial to keep the end of the curtain in place when the curtains are closed.

Diagram of curtains being hung on a curtain pole

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