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The Summer Bedding Edit

There comes a time every year when we find ourselves desperately browsing fans, flinging windows open and exclusively drinking iced beverages. Whether you’re a summer bunny or prefer your seasons decidedly cooler, one thing that unites us all is the hatred of a sweaty, restless night’s sleep. 

Cue: summer bedding, whether cool bedding sheets, cushions, duvets or blackout curtains to ensure you have the best night’s sleep possible. She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll keep the sweat from your face. Nothing quite matches the feeling of sinking into a fresh, cool set of sheets after a long, hot day - and investing in bed linens which breathe will in turn alleviate your own discomfort through the humid summer nights. 

At Terrys, we know the value of a decent night's sleep and how duvet covers and bedding sets can impact this.

Summer Bedding Sets

Something most people can agree on is that a fresh set of bedding works wonders - both aesthetically in the room and as a cooling measure through hot nights. Most experts agree that bedding made from natural fibres, like cotton and linen, are the most breathable - and therefore cooling - option for summer.

A fresh set of traditional cotton muslin sheets, like the Bianca 400 thread count cotton sateen duvet cover in white brings a beautiful but relaxed vibe to the boudoir. Made from a fabric which continues to soften with age, there’s no need to iron here - the natural texture of the weave breathes incredibly well in the hot months, and its bright white hue keeps the bed much cooler than a heavily pigmented fabric would. 

Whilst we definitely recommend sticking to lighter colours for your summer bedding sets, a great way to inject some colour is to choose sets with a bright motif or pattern on a crisp, white background. Cath Kidston’s Lemon Tree set combines a charming illustrated tree motif and a bold yellow stripe on the reverse without losing its bright, summery feel or becoming too busy. 

Similarly summery is Sophie Allport’s Sunflower set, which celebrates the gardener’s favourite heliocentric bloom of the same name.

A beloved contemporary classic, Orla Kiely’s iconic Multi Stem design repeats across a neutral background in shades of ochre and pale grey. 100% cotton, with a 200 thread count, this set washes brilliantly and stays remarkably cool over the warm nights. Although its fresh design certainly lends itself to the summer, this bedding can easily be used all year round.

Summer Duvet Covers

Bring your summer garden inside with a floral duvet colour like the Spring Glade set, which is adorned in colourful blooms - pollen not included.


Or, create a tropical paradise vibe with a leafy motif, like that of the Tahiti bedding set. Investing in bedding inspired by the great outdoors can promote the kind of healthy peace of mind we often experience in nature, resulting in a lovely calm sleep space. Transform your bedroom into your very own Eden, and enjoy a timeless organic interior aesthetic over the warmer months.

In addition, you should always make sure to consider a low tog when selecting your summer bedding, particularly in reference to the duvet you use. A lower tog will translate to thinner, more cooling summer bedding, allowing you to acquire the perfect night’s sleep! 

Summer Bed Linens

Whilst it’s kind of our job to love all things bedding at Terrys, we know that fitted sheets might not excite everyone else in the same way. That said, as the glue that holds your bed together, your bottom sheet deserves your attention. Without a quality bottom sheet, you’re never going to achieve a refreshing night’s sleep. Relying on one faded fitted sheet for years at a time is not chic. 

Now’s the time to update and luxuriate in a crisp, white model - not least because the brighter the summer light, the more conspicuous your old washed-out sheet becomes. 

Of course, there’s the opportunity to inject more visual interest into your bedroom with a coloured fitted sheet. If white just isn’t your cup of tea - or if you regularly spill your morning cup of tea - you might consider a more forgiving dove grey, oyster pink, or even a stripy sheet to add extra character to the room.

Refresh your kids’ bedding with something a little more exciting than a standard plain design, and opt for a fun pattern like the Chapter B Dinosaur option.

Blackout Curtains

The perfect set of summer bedding will only improve your sleep so much. With the sunny rays shining through your window, blackout curtains are an essential staple in any home during the warmer months. 

This will allow you to not only create the perfect sleep environment, especially with the addition of several plush and fluffy pillows, but the improved quality of your sleep. This means that blackout curtains aren’t just a staple of your home - they’re a necessity. We love these 100% blackout ready made blackout curtains in charcoal, which perfectly complement any space, regardless of interior design style, whether you’re of the minimalist variety or prefer a more colourful look. 

With the opportunity for sunbathing in the back garden, comes the challenge of keeping cool in bed over a long, hot summer. This is especially difficult as air con is so rare in the UK - meaning staying cool at night is difficult. 

Luckily, as a nation of sun-worshippers, we can easily forget some of the stickier realities of heat. Along with SPF, paddling pools and ice lollies, Brits should invest in a set of cooling summer bedding to ensure their nights are as tranquil as their days. Explore our range of bedding today to perfect your summer slumbers, with Terrys.

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