Know Your Linings

If you want to line your curtains and blinds but aren't sure which type of lining to choose take a look below where we've provided an insight to the different types of linings and interlinings available. Lining fabrics aren't solely used for curtains and blinds they can also be used for soft furnishings and other handicraft projects too.


Predominately used to line lightweight curtains such as voiles, poly cotton linings is typically available in white and cream, although sometimes coloured linings are also available. Not only will the lining help the curtains to hang correctly they will also provide a degree of privacy to sheer fabrics. Most poly cotton linings are available in 48'', 54'' and 60'' widths. Curtains wider than 60'' will require extra widths to be added. As the name suggests these linings are made from a polyester and cotton blend.

Polycotton Sateen Twill

This lining has a crease resistant finish and is used to line curtains of medium to heavy weight. It is available in a range of width sized and will give your curtains a sumptuous look. It's made from polyester and cotton blend with a soft sheen twill finish.

Blackout Lining

Certified 100% blackout means that no light will pass through the fabric, however, this applies only to the fabric itself, you may get light seepage around the sides of blinds and curtains, and light will seep through the eyelets on eyelet curtains. The lining fabric has a coating which fills the tiny gaps in the weave of the fabric, but as it's super-soft it doesn't make the lining stiff and unyielding, ensuring that your curtains and blinds still have their beautiful folds and pleats.

Just because it's called blackout lining it isn't black in colour! Blackout lining is available in white and cream. It also has thermal qualities, so it will help reduce heat loss from your room and minimise the amount of cold air entering via the windows.


Interlining provides another layer of fabric between the face of the fabric and the lining. Using interlining will give you fuller more rounded, opulent pleats to your curtains. Most interlinings also have thermal properties,so they'll help to block out draughts and reduce heat loss. This type of lining is ideal for door curtains and full length curtains.


Fire Retardant Lining

Conforming to British Safety Standards BS5867 Pt II our fire retardant lining is made from 100% sateen cotton. It's available in a 54'' width and is useful for lining kitchen curtains and for use making fire retardant soft furnishings.


Bonded Lining & Interlining

Bonded lining and interlining saves you time! There's no need to pin your fabric, lining and interlining separately as this lining bonds the lightweight interlining and the poly cotton sateen sheen lining together, so you canuse it just like a normal lining.

Thermal Lining

Doing as the name implies thermal lining is an effective way to help keep heat in your rooms and cold air out during the cooler months. In summer thermal linings also help to keep rooms cooler. They are available in a range of widths and have a three layer backing which gives the fabric its thermal properties. Thermal lining can be used for both curtains and blinds.

Ready Made Lining

Ready made linings are a quick and easy lining solution for non-sewers. They are available in a wide range of sizes designed to fit ready made curtains. They are not suitable for use with eyelet curtains, however, they do have blackout properties making them ideal for adding to your bedroom curtains.

6oz Wadding

Wadding is lightweight poly cotton used for making accessories which require a padded look. It's also ideal for making bedspreads and for padding wooden pelmets and headboards.

Bonded Wadding

Bonded wadding is 4oz wadding with a lining. It's not suitable for curtain lining, but it's fabulous for making bedspreads and other padded soft furnishings. As you can see there's more to linings than you may think, but don't be put off from using them as they have far more advantages and few, if any, disadvantages.

Made To Measure

If you don't make your own curtains and blinds select ready made that are fully lined or opt for custom made as they all come complete with a lining of you choice.

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