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How to make curtain tie-backs

Curtain tie-backs make a great finishing touch to your window dressing, not only do they work well as an accent to your interior décor but they are also practical. In many cases it can be hard to find the perfect curtain tie-backs; ones that match your curtains and your interior décor whilst also being functional.

As tie-backs do have to be practical it is important to consider the weight of your curtains in order to ensure the material you choose for your tie-backs can successfully hold back your curtains. Learning how to make curtain tie-backs is a great way to be able to put your own creative touch into your home décor. You can choose whatever fabric you like; it can either match or compliment your curtain fabric; it is completely up to you.

A selection of tiebacks on a table

Step 1: Measure

The first step to learning how to make curtain tie-backs is to hang your curtains. Once you have hung your curtains, scoop the fabric away from the window to how it would be with the tie-backs. Loop a tape measure around the gathered curtain so that it mimics the tie-back and note how many inches it is. Make sure to add extra inches if you are planning to tie it into a knot or bow.

Step 2: Decide Your Width

The width will be based on a few different things; how heavy are your curtains? The heavier curtains will require a larger width. Also consider your own style preferences when it comes to width. Once you have decided width; double it and allow another 1 inch for the seam.

Scissors being used to cut through red fabric

Step 3: Cut The Fabric

Now that you have all of your required measurements you can lay out your chosen fabric and cut it to the correct measurements.

Step 4: Sew The Fabric

Allowing for a ½ seam, sew your fabric in a long tube with the wrong side facing outwards. Also sew one end of the tie-back. Using a ruler you can then push the fabric inside out so that the right side is showing.

Step 5: Seal The Open End

Tuck in ½ an inch of fabric on the open end of the tie-back and either close it with a hot glue gun or by hand tacking it.

Tiebacks being uses to hold back beige curtains at a window

Step 6: Finishing

Now comes the time to finish the tie-back by adding either plastic/wood rings or a knot to the end in order to create a loop to attach the hook on the wall.

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