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How to measure your window for curtain tracks

Just moved into a new build? First time fitting a track? Not quite sure how to measure for a track? After reading this short guide you will be a pro. To make your life easier we have also created a size calculator, this works by converting your window dimension into a track size. Find the calculator by clicking here or it is available on the product page of all of our curtain tracks.

How to measure your window for a track

First things first, you will need to decide where the track is to be positioned, this can either be on the window frame or above on the wall. Next you will need to measure the exact width of your window using a steel tape measure.

Added extra space to draw back your curtains

Usually we advise you to opt for a curtain track that is between 15-25cm to the left and to also the right of this measurement (depending on your window width) to take into account the space needed to draw back your curtains on either side. This extra space is noted on the diagram below using the letter B. Note: when using our calculator, all you need need to do is enter your window size and this extra amount will be added automatically.

We understand that every window is different and you may not have 15-25cm gap either side. This is completely normal. If you have a minimal distance between the wall and window we recommend running a track wall to wall. This will create the illusion your window stretches the full width of your wall.

Pro tip: Remember that when deciding on your track size you can change the size and aspect of the window. For example, a tall narrow window can be made to look more square by opting for a wider track.

Please keep in mind that if you are selecting one of our corded tracks you will need to be able to easily reach the cord pulls to operate the curtains.

How do I measure for a track in my bay window?

Sizes and measurements may vary for bay/bow windows. To measure for a track in a bay window we highly suggest you measure where the track is to be fitted, going all the way around the bay from one side to the other. This can either be on the window frame or ceiling mounted.

You will want to start measuring at one end of the bay, this is where the track will start. Measure across this section of wall to where it meets the first angle of the bay. Note this measurement and move on to measuring the next section. Repeat these steps until you reach where the track is to finish. Add up all your measurements and this will be a minimum track size required. We recommend allowing extra for bending the track, so purchase the next size up.

Remember if your track isn't available in the size recommended we advise to purchase the next size bigger, as longer tracks can be easily trimmed to size. Also should your track come in two halves, then please shorten each piece by an equal amount on the outer edges.

In Summary

  • Decide where the track is to be fitted and use a steel tape measure to measure the width of your window.
  • Use our size calculator to find out what size track is best suited for your size of window.
  • Can't find your size track? Then purchase the next available size up, as they can be easily cut down.
  • Measuring for a bay window: measure each section from where the track is to start to where the track finishes. Always allow extra for bending, so purchase the next biggest available size.

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