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Complimenting your home décor using a matching cushion

The humble cushion has been around since the middle ages and usually made from hard durable leather. There use was to give a little more comfort when sitting on stone or wooden seats. The idea that they might one day become decorative additions to most homes would have, at that time, seemed ridiculous.

Today however, the cushion is a standard item in most homes and the huge variation in the modern market only goes to show how enormously popular the cushion has become. There are several reasons for this and one of those is that the cushion can be used to change, update or redefine your home décor at a fraction of the cost of a complete room makeover, as well as giving added comfort to seating.

Round White Coffee Table, With Three Geometric Cushions In The Background

No matter what your preferences and no matter what room there are cushions that will not only match perfectly but bring a new lease of life to your décor. It might seem strange to think that the humble cushion can be used to such great effect throughout the home, but you only need to look at various home décor showrooms to see how the cushion can be a vital addition to give the finishing touches to your room.

Most people will have a cushion or two on a chair or sofa, but unfortunately very often there will have been little thought about getting the right cushion or making the most of the cushion designs available. A good cushion can be the difference between a nice room and a fantastic room and furthermore the massive choices available mean that no matter what your present décor you can match it with your cushion choice.

Three Coffee Tables With Stack Of Different Coloured Cushions In Background

For example, in the lounge a plain sofa can be made to look cosy and inviting with the addition of some well placed cushions. Think about using a complementary colour or a similar pattern to your sofa. A mix of various shades of one colour or types of pattern can give an eye catching effect.

And don’t forget to use shapes to create the look of comfort with larger cushions at the back and smaller, perhaps differently shaped or trimmed cushion to the front. Use throws or rugs to create a blended look by having a similar colour or pattern running through the room or match cushions to your curtains or blinds. In the bedroom cushions can bring a tired quilted bedspread to life or bring a room together by picking out a chair or bedside lamp to match colour or design. Again, a stylish throw draped across the bed with a couple of matching cushions can give a chic modern look. But do remember that the more cushions you have on your bed the more time it will take each day to arrange them or take them off to sleep.

Feathers In The Air, As Two Young Girls Have A Pillow Fight

A child’s bedroom can be made warm and cosy with the addition of some cushions perhaps of their own choice with a design of their favourite character or hobby. If you have a window seat or a single chair the addition of a cushion can turn the space into a cosy nook for reading or sewing and give a comfortable feel to a neglected corner.

Using cushions in the hall, on perhaps on a telephone seat or a hall stand, will add a touch of warmth and give a welcome feeling to visitors as well as somewhere comfortable to sit to put on your shoes or coat. When introducing cushions to the home don’t forget the kitchen and dining room where perhaps a hard kitchen chair can be made comfortable and welcoming by the addition of a chair seat cushion. It is useful to use tie backs on these sort of cushions to keep them in place and prevent them from sliding onto the floor every time the seat is vacated.

Sofa In The Garden, Adorned With A Rainbow Of Cushions

And lastly the garden, just as there are cushions for every room in the house there are also cushions for every purpose outdoors. It is possible to get garden chair cushions and lounger cushions, wicker furniture cushions and just large outdoor cushions for lying in the sun. There is no reason why your outdoor seating area cannot be just as inviting and user friendly as the rest of the house with the addition of some fabulous cushions

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