How to measure for made to measure pinch pleat curtains – video

Here you will find our measuring guide for pinch pleat made to measure curtains. Pinch pleat curtains are designed to fit on a curtain pole, so below we have a guide on measuring these curtains for a pole. If you do happen to have a curtain track, then you will have to opt for a pencil pleat heading instead.

How to measure for pinch pleat curtains

When ordering pinch pleat curtains you will need to know your curtain pole width and your finished length of curtains. To start you’ll need a tape measure and a pen and paper.

  1. Start by outlined a rough drawing of your window on the paper – labeling the curtain pole width across the top and the curtain drop (or length) down the side.
  2. Now measure the width of the curtain pole. You will need to measure the full width of the pole between, but not including the finials. Make a note of the width on your paper.
  3. Then, measure your desired curtain length. Measure from the bottom of the curtain ring to where you want the curtains to end. They can end wherever you want; above the sill, below the sill or at the floor. If you want your curtains to sit just above the floor then take a 1-1.5cm clearance off the measurement. If you want them to sit on the floor, keep the measurement exact, if you want them to gather on the floor add 4-10cm and if you want them extra long to puddle on the floor add 20-30cm.
  4. Note down the final curtain drop measurement. Then when ordering your made to measure pinch pleat curtains you will entire your width and drop as noted down.