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The Quiet Luxury Trend

Quiet luxury is a trend that is permeating every inch of our lives and is not going anywhere. Since fashion it-girls ditched brights and bold labels in favour of a decidedly more subtle understated style. Also known as ‘stealth wealth’ (and even ‘borecore’ by the trend’s naysayers), it’s an aesthetic which is all about warmth, elegance, and comfort. 

What is Quiet Luxury?

With a timeless, neutral palette, natural textures, soft lighting, and decluttered spaces, rooms are imbued with the so-called quiet luxury that was originally reserved for the wardrobes of the rich and well, rich.

Think the cashmere camel tailoring of Sarah Snook’s character, Shiv, in Succession, basically everything nepo baby Sofia Richie wears, and the kind of pared-back runway style typical of the Olsen twin’s label, The Row. You won’t find a logo in sight and would undoubtedly gasp at the price - this is a trend utterly uninterested in gauche pattern or loud colour, and all about a contemporary take on classic design.

Quiet Luxury for Interiors

Since Vogue et al heralded the era of quiet luxury, the aesthetic has seeped its way into our Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards and indeed, our homes. Practising domestic quiet luxury, or ‘hushing the house’ as it’s been described, might seem somewhat out of reach to parents of toddlers, Alsatian owners, or renters still coming to terms with wallpaper from the 1970s. 

But there are a few ways to ensure whatever the week looks like - from the manic to the chilled - you too can create moments of quiet luxury throughout the home.


The quiet luxury trend revolves around a timeless, neutral palette, natural textures, and quality fabrics. Think crisp white cotton sheets and beautiful bedding sets - high thread counts are a must. If white isn’t practical for you, choose a classic shade like navy or stone to convey the tasteful vibe integral to the ‘quiet luxury’ trend. In terms of pattern, subtlety is key. Stripes and borders will always convey classic, luxury sensibility but white-on-white detailing works, too. 

The most popular bedding colours purchased by Terrys customers are blue, green, and grey, with white the fourth most popular shade. This is likely because highly-pigmented fabrics show marks less easily than white, and those shades are incredibly popular - featuring in the vast majority of UK homes. We do however see a seasonal fluctuation regarding white bedding sales, perhaps because of the inclination towards airy, bright shades in summer months - or maybe it’s down to the runaway success of the ‘quiet luxury’ trend!

Gareth Coxall, Creative Director at Terrys, shared some simple ways to practise quiet luxury, without millions in the bank:

“Declutter where you can - less is more is your new mantra. Choose muted, earthy colours (off-white, sand, caramel) and natural textures (wicker, sisal, wood). This will immediately infuse your space with a serene, welcoming quality, ideal for relaxing in. Invest in bright white bedding - plain doesn’t necessarily equate to boring, and the bed is typically the biggest opportunity to make a design statement. (Remember, the non-statement is the point.)”

Loud Luxury?

But what if ‘quiet luxury’ doesn’t work for you? Don’t despair and always stick to what you love, irrespective of trends! There isn’t a certain colour or pattern of bedding that looks inherently non-luxury or cheap - all shades and designs can look amazing if chosen wisely! For bedrooms featuring a whole spectrum of colours, consider choosing bedding to match one of the other central colours (perhaps the wallpaper or accent chair), so as to encourage a little more aesthetic coherence. Should the bedroom be entirely white, choose a bold pattern or hue to take centre stage. 

Matthew Williamson’s latest range is testament to the fact that bright, extravagant design doesn’t equate to tacky - rather it speaks to a design aesthetic that leans into embellishment and flamboyant colour, a ‘loud luxury’ approach, if you will. For ‘quiet luxury’ the opposite aesthetic approach should be adopted to achieve rich, luxurious interiors - stick to calmer, more neutral shades of bedding. 

Quiet Luxury Accessories

Objets d’art will always exude luxury - what could look more expensive than items with no discernable function? Aesthetes will recognise the design appeal of original artworks (but reproductions will do nicely!), beautiful lamps, sculptures and vases of fresh flowers. Richly textured accessories like scatter cushions, soft rugs and a woven throw draped artfully over the foot of the bed or armchair bring decadence to any room, with the added bonus of actually serving a purpose. 

Creating an easy to live in, harmonious space will stand you in good stead, as you’re far less likely to tire of neutrals and pared-back design staples than you are neons. Bright, airy spaces inspired by nature will retain their allure for years to come - so hush your home and create your very own ‘quiet luxury,’ with Terrys.

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