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Incorporating Shabby Chic Into Your Home

Feeling the urge to redecorate, but not sure where to start? Why not take some inspiration from the shabby chic trend and infuse your home with vintage decorations for a versatile and charming aesthetic. 

All of the staff at Terrys love all things shabby and vintage, so we’ve put together some of our top tips for nailing the trend. From mixing regal and charming decorations through to adding modern accents and a splash of colour, we’re dedicated to helping you create the perfect shabby chic home!

What is Shabby Chic?

The shabby chic interior design trend blends rustic, vintage elements with soft romantic accents. The style is about being fashionable but informal, such as adding rustic furniture to a space, in addition to white pattern lace, floral prints and bunting banners.

How To Introduce The Trend Into Your Home

The best place to start with the shabby chic trend is by purchasing furniture and accessories, such as distressed blinds and antique furniture. 

More creative individuals could even add reams of lace trimmings to the edges of your shelves, mantel pieces and more, creating a detailed border across the living space. Alternatively, blend ethereal lace blinds with statement rustic pieces, such as this Avebury Stag cushion

After all - there’s nothing more enjoyable than spending a cosy evening with family by relaxing in the living room. By infusing some stylish designs, your living space will pop! 

Use Different tones

Blending different tones of cream, warm golds and pastel shades will have your home perfectly on trend, with these colours a timeless recipe for creating a visually captivating living space. From furniture to accessories, you can incorporate these versatile tones into all of the different areas of your home. 

Experiment with lighting

Cut glass lighting, cream candles and fairy lights are the perfect way to add warmth and cosiness into any home! Try to select neutral tones that will compliment the ambience of your home, with the ultimate goal to create a warm and inviting glow. 

Try Something New!

There are no limits with the shabby chic trend. As the furniture used is timeless, adding a clashing pattern can completely revolutionise the space. For example, this Catherine Lansfield tablecloth will completely change the ambiance of the space, making it bright and inviting.

And remember: shabby chic is a style that looks great everywhere, meaning you’re not limited to the kitchen or living room! For more advice on how to take advantage of trends from the Terrys team, visit our website

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