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Styling day and night blinds

We all love summer! However, the early wake up calls, outdoor noise and the blinding sunlight that comes with it can sometimes be irritating. Luckily, there are window treatments which can help tackle this. Whatever time, with day and night blinds, you can enjoy the sun, privacy and have total control over the light coming into your home. If you want functionality as well as style, these double-layered blinds are a modern and smart alternative to venetian and roller blinds. Our styling tips will revolutionise the way you shade your room, all whilst looking magnificent.

The Main Benefits

Our experts encourage the use of day and night blinds due to their multitude of advantages:

  1. Regulates room temperature
    As they have both transparent and dark layers, this works to repel heat in the summer whilst preserving it in winter. This means as the seasons change, you will not have to replace your blinds which is a financial bonus too!
  2. Maximised sunlight control
    By lining up the two layers at different points, you can achieve different levels of transparency. For instance, sunlight can be focused onto décor like potted plants or pieces you want to highlight, to make them more noticeable. Similarly, you can position televisions or workspaces with computers, at the end which receives the shade. This way you can protect your electronic equipment from the glare of sunlight.
  3. Privacy
    The transparent element allows for lots of sunshine to come streaming in, whilst the darker layer gives you all the privacy you need, from passer-by’s outside. For those who live on the ground floor where windows overlook a street – day and night blinds are the perfect solution!


The beauty of day and night blinds are that they can be used in any room, whether that be your bedroom or the living room. However, where there are sloping windows, we recommend not fitting them here, and opting for vertical blinds instead. This is because its leaning angle could counteract the various fabric layers from moving efficiently. Apart from that, these multifunctional blinds offer excellent practicality across the house.

In living rooms or offices, the sheer material works to reduce the impact of glare. So, this window treatment ensures light does not get in the way of movie nights or sending those important work emails. When it comes to the boudoir, research shows that for an adequate, restorative slumber, darkness is essential. The opaque layers help to block out light, so that everyone in your family has a peaceful night’s sleep.


These window dressings have a unique style which will instantly increase the visual appeal of any room. Its mixture between roller and venetian blinds already makes it exclusive. Better yet, day and night blinds are available in an array of fabrics, textures, and designs, so there is something for everyone.

You can choose from tons of stylish, on-trend colours and playful blackout patterns, to create a style individual to you and your home. Why not mix white sheers with a daring pattern, contrasting hues or tone on tone for minimalist vibes? However, remember not to neglect the darker layer of the night blinds. Typically, black, light/dark grey and various shades of brown are used for this part. Though, you can choose the colour based on how well it fits the aesthetic of the room. We recommend going for a colour that matches the wall or artwork in the space, as this can help to magnify a theme. Warmer tones like our beige or brown collection exude more of a traditional aesthetic. However, if you want to channel a contemporary yet timeless feel, opt for cool colours in our white or grey selection.

At Terrys, our day and night blinds are like no other. Not only does our range offer the standard white, cream, and beige stripe, but there are sophisticated jacquard options too. This is a super stylish, pleated effect, for those who want to maximise texture within their homes. To hide the control mechanism, and when rolled up disguise the blind, we offer an upgrade to the Evo cassette, a covered facia delivering a tasteful and discreet finish.


If you are looking for a way to add subtle design elements to your window treatments, texture can be a great way to achieve this. Silk is a popular choice nowadays, oozing extravagance whilst remaining simple. Cotton is a multifunctional option particularly when you are more of a traditional. For all the minimalists out there, if you want an airy feel in the room, go for linen or rayon. We recommend experimenting with different textures; you will be amazed at how much it can enhance your window!


There are several stylish accessories to pair with your day and night blinds. You can create a chic appearance with eyelets and poles, or tailor the hem for a contemporary feel.

If aesthetic of your room echoes opulence, why not couple your blinds with valances? This accessory emphasises the elegance of the space, whilst transforming the room décor’s appearance. Or, if you have opted for neutral coloured day and night blinds, decorate it with wide braids in a fun accent shade, for a striking combination. For those who are lovers of the urban look, eyelets sewn into the hem, in chrome or black achieve this beautifully.

For an ultra-cosy feel, you could combine your blinds with curtains to spruce up the space. Drapes are known for their beauty, whilst blinds offer functionality, so by using both, you can have visual appeal and comfort at the same time. Perhaps you want to mix both simplicity with bold prints. To do this, you could take the Pearl day and night blind, and pair it with the Capella Eyelet curtain in ochre, for a retro yet uncomplicated look.

We hope our style guide has inspired you. If you want to enjoy the sunshine in all its glory, but also want privacy, this window treatment is for you! You can choose from simple colours to plush fabrics, to style and complement any type of interior. We guarantee with these types of blinds, your window will be the envy of all!

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