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Vintage bedroom ideas for your home

A lot of the time people associate the word vintage with all things old. However, it symbolises something high-quality from the past, the finest of its kind. Vintage bedroom ideas can be unique, cool with a hint of romance and budget friendly, especially when you shop from our high-quality range of curtains and blinds. That is the beauty of interiors with vintage finds. It is an all-embracing design that makes it easy to demonstrate creativity. Whether you go for shabby-chic or tastefully antique, vintage designs are unquestionably trendy. Its combining aesthetic makes it effortless to accomplish a high-end appearance without the expensive tag. Take a look at our sweet vintage bedroom ideas to inspire your style journey.

Go all white

Whether it be on the walls, the floor or the ceiling, whitewashed palettes will immediately encourage a breezy, vintage vibe. Go for a chalky white or warm buttermilk when it comes to curtains and blinds, and paint everything in sight. For an extra special touch, purchase an old-fashioned clothes rack. Then you can hang up lovely, floral dressing gowns.

Opt for muted colours

Upcycling and recycling are two key words coupled with vintage flair. Use your innovative skill and breathe life into overlooked pieces. For example, this could be in the form of old window shutters. Such a fitting can be transformed into a remarkable headboard. A muted colour palette consisting of pebble, sharp white and charcoal, creates a stylish elegance within the bedroom.

Fabric fix up

An upholstered bed is top tier when it comes to vintage bedroom ideas. If you have purchased an original one, you may need to revamp it. Have the head and foot expertly reupholstered, in a fittingly worn, floral material. It will leave you with a tasteful treasure in the future, to be passed down through generations to come. It is definitely worth the endeavour and expenditure – take a look through our range of upholstery fabric for some inspiration.

Patterns galore

When it comes to vintage bedroom ideas, there are no rules. So, go crazy with an abundance of floral print fabrics from blinds and curtains to cushions, crocheted blankets and retro textiles and wallpapers. Stick to a beautiful Neapolitan ice cream palette with delicate, washed-out fabrics. This will allow the patterns to unite rather than clash. If you like arts and crafts, why not attempt a spot of crocheting for your décor?

A little bit of groove

If you have always wanted to live in another decade, turn your bedroom into something magnificent by making an ode to eras of the past. Take inspiration from popular designers, prints, and styles of that age. For instance, you could opt for a groovy 1970s vibe. Pair mid-century contemporary fittings with a daring, charred-orange wallpaper design. Put up a cheery yellow clock if you really want to go all out! To keep in theme with the sunshine tones, our Vintage Stripe Curtain Fabric will bring to life the retro atmosphere.

When contemplating vintage bedroom ideas, you can always combine the modern and old. It is the way you bring together different vintage pieces is important – you can pair new blinds with vintage curtains for a layered look, for example. The style’s rustic and dreamy aesthetic means every single piece of décor has its own story to tell. However, your shabby chic interior does not have to follow the exact same aesthetic. With our recommendations, you can have a vintage sanctuary that is traditional, contemporary or even retro.

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