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When to Change Bed Sheets…

The topic of how often you should change your bed sheets is a heavily debated one, is it every day, every week or (gulp) every month? There are actually a few factors to consider which do influence what your bedding changing schedule should be.

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How Often Should You Change Bed Sheets?

In most cases, you should be washing and changing your sheets every week. Bedsheets accumulate a lot of things you cannot see, including dead skin, sweat and dust mites, so washing and changing them regularly is important for hygienic purposes. 
If you are not sleeping on the same mattress each night, you could stretch the washing period to every two weeks, but in most cases weekly is actually best. In fact, some cases warrant washing the bed even more frequently, these include:

  • If you have a pet that sleeps on the bed with you
  • If you have asthma or allergies that make you more sensitive to dust
  • If you sweat excessively
  • If you eat food in bed
  • If you sleep naked
  • If your young children regularly sleep in your bed too

In these cases, you should be washing your sheets more than once a week. Failing to wash sheets regularly can expose you to a buildup of bacteria, fungi, pollen and animal dander if your pet sleeps there too. Although it isn’t an immediate major health risk, sleeping in this could trigger eczema or contact dermatitis, and those with asthma or allergies could have their conditions worsened by the bed sheets. 

To help keep your sheets cleaner and in good condition for longer, try to shower before bed so you aren’t getting into bed with the day still on you. If possible, keep pets off the bed, even though they can be persistent! Keeping any potential debris off the bed helps too, so socks off and no eating in the bed.
These simple things will help improve the cleanliness of the bed, maintaining it as a lovely space for sleep.

How to Know When Your Bed Sheets Need Replacing?

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Bedsheets usually tend to last 2-3 years in good condition before beginning to show signs of wear. If your bedding has piling (small bobbles of rough fabric) and signs of thinning or fading, then your bedding is likely past its prime and in need of replacing. 

We have some beautiful bedding and duvet covers at Terrys, perfect for freshening up your bedding rotation. From simple and elegant luxury bedding like this Caprice Lana Bedding Set, featuring light colours and subtle details.

Caprice Lana Bedding Set Silver

Or if floral bedding designs are more to your taste, the Voyage Maison Curiosity Garden set which features rich floral blooms, will be your perfect new set. Whether you want something that is the centrepiece of the room, or something that just compliments the surroundings, there is something for you in our collections.

Voyage Maison Curiosity Garden set

Washing and changing your bedding is important to maintaining personal health and hygiene. So pick out some new bedding sets that will make you want to change your bedding weekly!  By having a good amount of bedding to rotate between, you can ensure your bedding has a long life too!

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