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The benefits of blackout - when and why to buy?

Blackout window coverings can bring multiple benefits to your home, the best blackout blinds and blackout curtains will provide your home with extra privacy, help keep your home warm, block out light and reduce noise pollution from outside. At Terrys, we stock a number of high quality blackout products, including a range of blackout fabrics. Terrys experts are here to answer all the questions you have about what blackout window coverings are and the benefits they can bring to your home.

What Are Blackout Curtains And Blinds?

Blackout blinds and curtains are items specifically made to keep the light out of the room you fit them in, making them perfect for helping you sleep at night, as they keep out any light that may be entering your window, from sunlight to street lights to security lights. 

Blackout window fittings are made with a thicker material than regular blinds, usually polyester or cotton, sometimes a combination of both. The heavy duty, blackout material works to keep light, noise and cold air out of the room it’s fitted in. 

Blackout materials can be used in many products, such as, roller blinds, multiple styles of curtains, and all colours and designs.

What Are The Benefits Of Blackout Curtains And Blinds?

There are many rewards to reap from installing blackout fittings to your windows. 

Firstly, blocking out light is the most obvious benefit from these products. The thick material will help keep your room dark, blocking out sunlight and any artificial lights that may be outside your window. This may be ideal for those trying to sleep during the day for a night shift, for getting to sleep whilst the sky is still bright during summer nights or for helping your baby take a daytime nap. 

Removing sunlight from the room will help you sleep better, as being exposed to sunlight keeps the body and mind active, so by drawing these blinds before heading to bed, your sleep will be improved and undisturbed. 

Another added sleep benefit of blackout products is their noise reduction. The thicker material will work to keep out noises from outside, muting passing traffic or pedestrians, so you can enjoy a more undisturbed sleep. Outside of sleep, the noise reduction can be a nice option if you want to block out outside noise to create a quieter home. 

Blackout fittings can also help you save energy in the home, did you know that windows are responsible for the most amount of energy loss in the home? Due to the thicker materials being used, blackout blinds and curtains have thermal insulating properties. 

This means that by choosing blackout materials you get the added benefit of thermal curtains or thermal blinds too! When drawn, they will help keep heat in and cold out, meaning you can have a warmer home without the need to use the heating as much. On the flip side, by closing your blackout fittings in the summer, you can help to keep your home cooler from the summer sun. 

The Best Blackout Blinds And Curtains

Here at Terrys we stock a number of different blackout products, from simple, sleek curtains to colourful, patterned blinds. 

For a classic look, our Dijon Ready Made Blackout Curtains in Charcoal are a beautiful pair of curtains that compliment any style of room. The simple style paired with the thick material adds some warmth, and when drawn, keeps the room dark and warm for some cosy ambience. These would be perfect in a room with simple colours, thinking of greys and whites. 

If you want something similar to this but with some added colour, our Beckham Ready Made Eyelet Blackout Curtains in Pink will do this. These pretty curtains have a little more flair than the previous set, covered with waterfalls of plain voile and finished with an eyelet heading, these curtains are functional yet elegant, making them more suitable for a room that packs some punch with its use of colour.

If you are in the market for some blinds, our Primary Roller Blackout Blind is a product that can be used anywhere in the home, but their resistance to moisture makes them suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms too. This simple design is available in multiple colours, so they can be used to fit any colour scheme you use. 

Blackout blinds are great for helping your baby or toddler have a daytime nap too, making them the perfect blind choice for a nursery. The Woodland Fox Roman Blind is a lovely set for a nursery or playroom. Featuring a cute selection of woodland animals and trees, these blinds help keep out the light, whilst offering some potential educational fun with your child by helping them identify and recognise the animals featured.  

How To Make Blackout Blinds And Curtains

With our collection of blackout fabrics, you can make your own blackout fittings too. Making your own blinds or curtains should be easy if you follow our own expert led guides. With our handy guides you can learn to make roller blinds or even make roman blinds in your chosen blackout fabric! 

Blackout blinds and curtains are a great addition to any home. They will improve your sleep, help lower your energy bills, keep your home quiet and add an extra layer of privacy to your home. If these benefits sound like something you are interested in, see our collection of blackout blinds and curtains, and of course, our thermal blackout materials if you desire to create your own.

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