The benefits of blackout - when and why to buy?

Many people start to think about upgrading to blackout during the sunnier summer months, but by this time your exposure to sunlight will already be in full force and likely to cause you sleep deprivation. The best time to get your blackout window treatments is in fact, before the clocks go forward and before the start of the summer solstice. This will ensure your room is dimmed for the lighter nights and mornings approaching. 

But why do you need blackout curtains? Well, according to medical studies, exposure to light decreases the production of a serotonin derived hormone 'melatonin'. This hormone induces a feeling of relaxation, so naturally when this hormone is prevented from being produced you will find it much harder to relax and drift off to sleep. By simply introducing blackout options to your room, this will have amazing benefits to your sleep-wake cycle. 

Allowing yourself time for measuring, styling and sampling should also be considered, as blinds and curtains are an important décor decision in the home. Don't worry, with thousands of made to measure options available with blackout lining, there will certainly be some perfect for your interior style. 

Here we overview the many reasons you should opt for blackout curtains and blinds. 

Filter Out Light

Filter LightOne of the most obvious perks of blackout lining is the light filtering qualities. This thicker, light filtering lining will help create a truly dark ambience in the home, so you can dim sunlight at all points of the day. Ideal for shift workers and small children who take day time naps, blackout options ensure a peaceful sleep that is uninterrupted by the sunlight. 

As mentioned earlier, It has been medically proven that access to sunlight keeps your mind and body active, making it more difficult to sleep when you have an abundance of light entering your home. By dimming the light entering your bedroom this will decrease your chances of sleep deprivation.

It should also be mentioned that the ultraviolet radiations entering through your windows can eventually be harmful to the body and your furnishings. By reducing the amount of UV rays entering your home your soft furnishings and furniture will stay fresher for longer and be less likely to fade. 

Reduce Noise

Blackout Roman Blinds

Due to blackout lining being made of a much thicker and heavier material, they can in turn reduce outside noise from entering your interior. It has been suggested that blackout curtains can in fact block up to 40% off the surrounding sound, acting as a barrier between your home and the outside world.

If you have young children upgrading to blackout is a must, being able to shut out surrounding noise is another factor that can help ensure an uninterrupted sleep. Prefect for children's bedrooms, the Sophie Allport made to measure collection features an array of beautifully made, high quality roman blinds and curtains all available with blackout lining. Pictured is the Unicorn Roman Blind Soft Pink, a cute unicorn design printed on a pastel pink background perfect for your Childs bedroom or nursery. 

Save Energy

Blackout Curtains

Did you know the windows in your home are responsible for the main energy loss in your home? Simply adding a pair of blackout curtains or a roman blind with blackout lining is a great way to reduce the amount of energy escaping through your windows. The thermal properties of blackout lining means that blackout options can provide insulation, keeping your rooms warm during winter and cool during the summer months. 

Of course, limiting the energy that escapes from your home will save you money on your heating bills. With gas and electric bills definitely not getting any cheaper, upgrading to blackout lining is an affordable and easy option to ensure you are not letting any heat escape from your home unnecessarily. 

The Positano made to measure curtains are a great option for all windows of the home. Being made from a wide width material, this means that a wider look can be achieved without showing any fabric joins. Plus, by opting for blackout lining, they will be suitable for all year round. 

Thousands of Styles Available

Linda Barker Blinds

Upgrading your curtains and blinds to blackout options doesn't mean you have to downgrade your styling choices! With thousands of made to measure options available with blackout lining you can chose from a plethora of colours and styles to co-ordinate specifically with your interior. 

Complimenting your blinds and curtains to your interior has never been easier, with a multitude of choices you can order samples to colour and pattern match your furnishings easily whilst gaining the other benefits of blackout properties. 

Pictured is the Ursula's Vine Roman Blind in Valley, a Terrys exclusive design from interior designer Linda Barker. This beautiful blind is available in 8 colorway's to suit a range of décor styles and is also available to buy with blackout lining. 

Affordable Options 


Investing in a high quality pair of blackout curtains doesn't have to break the a bank. With so many affordable made to measure and ready made options available, you can refresh your windows to your style and taste, without overspending. 

With so many blackout ready made curtains available in stock, these are an quick and easy way of upgrading to blackout. From elegant pencil pleat styles to modern eyelet options, there are so many styles and colour options available in ready made options too. 

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