How To Make Roller Blinds

Making Roller Blinds

With the right tools, materials, and skills, you can make your own roller blind at home. Just be sure to work in a safe area where children and pets will not be underfoot, so to speak, or else the risk for injuries from the scissors, cutting knife, and other sharp objects, increases.

Make the Measurements

Keep in mind that accuracy in measurements is a must among all the steps in how to make your own roller blinds for many reasons - the blinds will not fit well into the recess, for example. Before measuring the material for the blinds, you have to decide whether the blinds will be placed as recess fit or as architrave fit.

  • Recess fit - In a recess fit. run the measuring tape from one side of the frame to the other on the inside. Take down the measurement and deduct 5mm for the pin measure.
  • Architrave fit - In an architrave fit, run the measuring tape from the outside of the architrave to its other side. No deductions should be made; this is the pin measure.

In both fits, measure the height of the roller blind from the top of the frame to the floor. This is the drop measurement.

Take the measurements for the roller blinds first before buying the materials from hardware stores and curtain suppliers, among others. You can then avoid wasting good material and, thus, money.

Be sure to work on a clean, flat surface like a wide kitchen table or a work table.

Gather the Materials

The following are just a few of the tools and materials that you will require. Use other items as necessary during the project.

• Sharp roller, cutting blade, or Stanley knife for cutting purposes
• 3m double-sided tape
• Masking tape
• Roller blind kit including the accessories like the tube size, chain system, and end brackets. This is not something we currently supply, but we do have a roman blind kit selection instead. 
The supplier of the roller blind kit will ask for the pin measurement so as to provide the best fit. Again, the accuracy of the measurements cannot be overemphasized.
Start the Project
The steps in making your own roller blinds can be summarised as follows:
• Cut the material according to the desired width. Mark the material with a pencil while ensuring that the meaurements are accurate and straight from top to bottom.
• Crease the material on the line where the cut will be made. Use the roller Stanley knife for cutting the roller blind fabric.
• Attach the cut material to the roller blind. Use the double-sided tape on the roller blind tube, run the two layers from one side to the other side, and repeat the procedure immediately below the first layer. The tube should now be covered approximately 70mm across.
• Place the material on the flat surface. Slowly yet surely put the roller tube on the material, press firmly, and then attach them together.
• Using the masking tape, run it across the top of the material and then half unto the roller tube.
• Roll the blind up while ensuring that it has a straight up roll, so to speak. Readjust the material, as necessary, so that the material is square on the roller; otherwise, the material will trail off to its side.
• Place a crease on the bottom hem, fold it again, and use 2 layers of double-sided tape to hold the pockets. Install the brackets and put up the blinds.

If possible, you can experiment on the steps on smaller materials just so you can have the steps down pat before making the actual roller blinds for installation on the window frames.

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