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Privacy Blinds Buying Guide

Whilst we all want our blinds to look good and compliment the rest of the room, it is also important that they provide privacy for the space they are fitted in. Although in some rooms absolute privacy isn’t a must, there are some spaces in which privacy is necessary. 

Privacy blinds give you the comfort of knowing no one can see in; within this guide we will highlight some of the best options you can choose to keep your home life private. 

What to Look for in Privacy Blinds?

Some blinds are better than others for privacy. For the most privacy, you want to look for thicker materials that provide full coverage. Blackout blinds and Roman blinds are two great examples of this. 

You can find blackout materials in many blind types like Blackout roller blind styles or Vertical blinds, when closed, these thick material blinds will shut out the outside. The benefits of blackout materials don’t stop there though, as well as providing privacy, they also work well as one of the best thermal blind types

For best results, blackout blinds should be placed outside of the window to ensure no light seeps out from the sides. When placed within a window recess, a blackout blind is still extremely effective but if the window frame isn’t completely square then gaps of just 1-2mm can allow light to be seen around the outside of the blind.

Whilst you can use Vertical blinds or Venetian blinds for privacy, you do risk there being some gaps. Wind or movement can cause a momentary gap in the wall of privacy. When shut tight, they provide great privacy for the room, but if knocked some gaps can appear for a brief moment, but these blinds will still keep your home shielded from outside when closed properly. 

Slotted blinds work best for lounges and kitchens, but if you want to secure some extra privacy at night time, layering with a curtain that can also be drawn can be a great solution to secure optimum privacy. 

Due to the thick material used in Blackout blinds, they don’t actually have to be black or a dark colour to be effective, so you can keep your home private without making things too dull inside the room. 

The Best Privacy Blinds

If you are looking to upgrade the privacy your blinds give you - the classic Primary Blackout Roller Blind in black is a great choice. This simple set of roller blinds are black and thick, ensuring that you block out the outside world in the most effective manner. 

However, if you like this style of blind but want something a little more colourful, this Summer Flower Stem set from our Orla Kiely collection is a great option. These roller blinds work in the exact same effective manner, but instead of one block colour, they present an attractive design that brightens the room whilst still having the same blackout qualities.

One of our latest additions which really is the perfect blind for granting privacy is the illusion blind. This magical creation is a type of roller blind made from a fabric that allows light in, whilst maintaining complete privacy from the outside world. The heavy fabric also means that even if the window is open, privacy will be maintained, as the blind will stay in place. 

You might be confused by the inclusion of our next recommendation, but voile blinds are actually a great way to achieve privacy, despite their sheer nature, whilst still allowing your space to be flooded with natural light. You shouldn’t have to block out daylight to achieve privacy - and our voile privacy blinds are the perfect solution for those who prefer a light and airy home, without the prying eyes!

If you prefer the look of a vertical blind, our Plain PVC Vertical Blinds in granite offer an attractive, clean option. These blinds are also made from blackout material, meaning they are thick and will keep your home private, the PVC material also makes them very easy to clean with a damp cloth. 

For a similar design with some more pop, our Knightsbridge Blackout Vertical Blinds, seen here in blue, are available in multiple colour options. This means you can have the effectiveness of vertical blinds with the colour of your choice, helping them match the colour palette of the room.

Roman blinds are also an option to consider, such as these Cotton Panama Roman Blinds in white - these are also available in other colours to match your palette. These cotton blinds are plain and soft, making them ideal for complimenting the room around them and not drawing too much attention. 


But, if you are looking for something a little bolder that will draw eyes, our Linear Stem Roman Blind Dandelion from our Orla Kiely collection will do just that. The same style of blind but with a classic Orla Kiely design with contrasting colours, this set will look attractive whilst keeping your space private. 

Blinds have more functions than just keeping the light out, they can provide warmth and privacy for the home, as well as adding some style and colour. Explore all of our made to measure blinds to get the perfect fit for your windows and transform your home into a more private, attractive space.

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