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The Best Thermal Blinds For Cold Weather

The UK can be a chilly place to live. With the cost of living crisis impacting our willingness to put the heating on, it is more important than ever to find alternate, cheaper solutions to warming our home, that’s where our made to measure blinds can help.

At Terrys, we stock the best blinds to keep heat in, allowing you to retain some vital warmth in your home and avoid suffering in the cold snap we are currently experiencing, as well as being prepared for future cold periods.

What Are Thermal Blinds?

Thermal blinds are blinds that help prevent the cold from coming into your home, whilst simultaneously locking in the heat in the room they are present, keeping the temperature from dropping. Thermal blinds are made from multiple layers of materials, usually polyester with thermal lining throughout, this thicker design helps the blinds keep the heat inside.

Many types of blinds can be thermal blinds, at Terrys we stock Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Blackout Blinds, and more that all have thermal insulating capabilities. A Primary Black Blackout Roller Blind can keep the heat in whilst keeping the light out, or our Orla Kiely Scribble Stem Roman Blind can keep the cold out whilst adding some colour and brightness to the room, so there are options for everyone when it comes to thermal blinds.

Do Thermal Blinds Work?

You may be asking yourself, how do blinds keep the heat in? When measuring heat loss for an object, the amount of heat lost is known as U-Value. By installing thermal blinds, you are aiming to reduce the U-Value of your windows. For example, a standard double-glazed window has a U-Value of around 2.8, after installing thermal blinds, the U-Value can be potentially reduced as low as 2.1.

To get the most out of your thermal blinds, it is important that they are installed correctly. It will be up to you to pick the set of blinds that fit your windows best, for instance a set of vertical blinds would be more appropriate for a tall window, or a simple set of roller blinds can be used for most household windows. Ensure that your blinds are cut and fitted to the shape and size of your window, you want to leave as small a gap as possible between them and the window for optimum installation.

As an extra tip, pair thermal blinds with a set of thermal curtains, to have an even more effective barrier against the cold.

To get the most out of your blinds during the colder months, make sure to open them when the sun comes up to take advantage of the few hours of natural thermal heat we get in these periods. When the sun sets, or the sky becomes overcast, close the blinds to lock in all of the heat in the room and keep the colder air out, this simple method will work towards keeping your home warm.

What Are The Best Types Of Thermal Blinds?

Thermal blinds come in all different forms, as mentioned previously. Choosing the right blind to fit your window will help them perform better, and it also depends on what you want the blind to do.

Blackout Blinds are effective at blocking out unwanted light, lowering heat loss and preventing heat build-up, these blinds are usually roller style so will be most effective when pulled down.

If you prefer the look of Wooden Venetian Blinds, then these are also effective at keeping heat in, just maybe not as much as other more solid versions of blinds. The thick slats will provide some insulation when open, but more so when completely closed, it is just worth noting this style of blind may leak more heat than others due to the use of slats in the design.

Thermal Roller Blinds are a simple kind to go with, constructed with multiple layers of thermal material, these pull-down blinds are an easy way of retaining heat in the room.

Thermal blinds are also available as Roman Blinds, Insulated Blinds, Skylight Window Blinds and Vertical Blinds. This range of options should allow you to cover all bases in your home, as the variation of shapes, sizes and options gives you options for every room.

Are your blinds as effective as they could be? Investing in a set of thermal blinds could make all the difference to your home, helping you keep warm and save money on the heating bills. So use our trusty blind measuring calculator to find your perfect fit for a new set of blinds today!

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