Winter is coming, so what are the best thermal blinds?

Keeping out the chill and keeping your rooms warm and cosy during the winter months can be achieved with the use of window blinds. The best thermal blinds have the ability to help insulate your home and prevent precious heat from escaping through closed windows.

Thermal roller blinds

Thermal roller blinds are a great asset when it comes to retaining heat inside a room. They are constructed with a layer or multiple layers of thermal material which helps prevent heat loss. However, they will only be effective when they are down, so you'll need to have double glazing as well. Fitting them close to the window means there is only a small air gap, which can also reduce heat loss. Cold air will find the smallest of gaps, therefore made to measure roller blinds are the most effective, as you shouldn't have any gaps at the sides, top or bottom when they are closed if measured correctly.

Geometric Roller Blind

Thermal roman blinds

Roman blinds can also be made from fabric with thermal properties. Like roller blinds, they will only be truly effective when pulled down to cover the glass. Team thermal roller blinds or thermal Roman blinds with thermal lined curtains or drapes and during the evening and at night your windows will have an additional layer of heat retaining properties.

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Insulated blinds

Also known as honeycomb blinds insulated blinds work on the principal of trapping air within their structure. During the winter this helps retain heat inside the room and during the summer prevent hot air from entering. Insulated blinds are usually roller types and therefore most efficient when pulled down.

Floral Window Blind

Thermal Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds often have thermal properties too. Not only will they block out unwanted light they will help lower heat loss and prevent heat build-up. As these blinds are typically roller styles they to are most effective when pulled down.

Wooden venetian blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds can also be efficient at helping to keep your rooms warm. Although extra thick slats may provide more heat loss they can be cumbersome and heavy. Today's lightweight Venetian wooden blinds act as an insulating layer for your windows. As this type of window blind is operated by tilting and closing the slats they will provide some insulation when the slats are open and more so when completely closed.

Skylight window blinds

Blinds for skylight windows are nearly always insulated, more especially when they are roller styles. As attics and lofts can become very hot during the summer the insulating properties act to keep harsh heat out and prevent cold winter air from entering.

Velux Blind

Vertical blinds for conservatories

In conservatories and on patio doors vertical blinds with thermal properties are a great choice. The fabric of the vanes is usually backed with material that helps to reflect the sun in the summer and prevent cold air from entering during the winter. Like Venetian blinds, vertical blinds are used open or fully closed, meaning that they are in place to help prevent heat loos via your windows as all times.

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