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How do I cut roman blind kits down to size?

So you are interested in buying a roman blind kit but have noticed that they are only available in a set number of sizes. Well if you window is 85cm rather than exactly 90cm (for example), then don't worry it's really easy to trim out kits down to size. 

Before you make your purchase please ensure that you choose a blind kit that is slightly larger than the width that you require. You will then be able to easily trim it as required. Should a particular size not be available then you could always opt for the next size up, however a larger size would be slightly more expensive. 

How to trim a roman blind kit

Once your blind kit has arrived then please follow these simple steps on how to trim your header rail:

  1.  Remove the end cap (opposite to the sidewinder) on either the left or right hand side.
  2. Once removed, mark the header rail with a pencil at the finished width you would like your blind to be.
  3. You may notice that there are cords in the way. Simply slide or unscrew them to adjust. We recommend sliding them as far away as possible to eliminate the risk of cutting through them.
  4. Using a metal axe saw gently, trimming the headrail using the pencil mark as a guide.
  5. Once your size has been achieved, readjust the cords so they are equally spaced.
  6. Once cut you may notice you now have one too many cords. Not to worry, simply slide one out of the headrail and readjust the others so they are equally spaced.
  7. Happy with everything? Then refit the end cap and proceed to make your blind as normal.

Recommendations for trimming a cassette kit

If using our cassette kits we also recommend that before attaching the blind you do the following:

  • Using the chain, wind down the cords so that they drop to the full length. Then simply cord up your Roman blind and attach it to the headrail.
  • If you have not used the full length of the cord then simply cut this with scissors. This will remove any unwanted hanging cord. If you do not do this before attaching the blind you could risk getting the cords tangled in the headrail.


And that's it. If you follow the steps above then you will be able to trim a larger kit down to a size that is right for your window. Here is a summary of the advice above:

  • Please purchase a blind kit that is larger than the size you require, that way you can trim it down to size. 
  • Should the size you require not be available then you can opt for a larger size but this would be slightly more expensive. 
  • To trim a blind kit please follow the steps 1-7, which are detailed above. 
  • For cassette kits, we also have additional guidelines above regarding extra cords that may not be needed. 
  • For more advice on using our blind kits, we also have a dedicated help page here. This includes step by step advice on using our kits, a calculator for rod spacings and other useful blind kit guides.

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