How to add baroque design style to your home

Baroque is known for its extravagant and intricate style. The design first gained momentum during the 17th century which is owed to King Louis XIV and his love of all things opulent. And now it’s making its way back into modern homes with large furniture clad dripping in gold, ornate mirrors, crystal chandeliers and richly woven textiles. Baroque design will transform your home to be breath-taking and exquisite. And you don’t have to go completely Baroque if you don’t want to – even a few elements will add a layer of sophistication to your home interior. Use our Baroque design ideas to give your home the ultimate luxurious makeover.

Command Attention: Rich, Bold and Shiny Colours

The Baroque design undoubtedly has a dramatic feel to it. Therefore, the colours within your home should be rich and bold. And essentially – they should shimmer like gold! This is why many people opt for gold-trimmed furniture and fixtures whilst also combining ruby red, royal blue and/or emerald green. The Velvet curtain in a jewel tone green is the perfect way to welcome a little luxury into your interiors.

When it comes to the walls of your bedroom – associate black to another shade. Often, Baroque décor relies on a binary palette (black and white) in the boudoir. These two contrasting shades will indeed accentuate the chic and glamorous nature of the design. However, you can also consider a stunning combination of black and grey or black and pink.

A Splash of Baroque: Focal Point

For some homeowners, the Baroque design can be too eclectic and antiqued. Therefore, if you prefer to just add a hint of the style into your interior design, consider creating a focal point. For instance, in the kitchen, you can establish a tasteful finish with a Baroque chandelier above your Baroque-inspired island. The rest of the kitchen can remain contemporary in terms of styling. However, with that one simple focal point, you will create an opulent look without going overboard.

Mix it Up: Old and New

Baroque objects command attention and it’s for this reason that you need to match them with simpler features – preferably of modern style. So, go ahead and pair a lavish chair with a design table or a vase with clean lines. Or you can even place together a sofa in an elegant shade and fabric with a small, contemporary coffee table. Decorating by means of mixing various elements is not only fun but the result will be sophisticated and classy. And don’t be afraid to mix eras and countries too! Add French chateau-inspired designs with modern Italian art to give your interiors that edge it deserves.

Elegance Above All: Intricate Carvings and Ornaments

Extravagant and elaborate ornamentation is one of the main elements of Baroque design. This means you’ll have to spruce up your home with cabinets, doors and embellishments that feature intricate carvings. The carvings should resemble plant-related themes, for instance vines and flowers. Our Baroque curtain is perfect if you want to recreate the plant-related element of this style of interior design. Remember – Baroque is meant to be warm and inviting, and you can do this with fanciful finishes like crown moulding and cornices.

Go Big on Luxury: Furniture

The furniture that comes with Baroque design is characterised by a busy and luxurious style. Think woodwork, upholstered chairs, dressers and consoles with sculpted decoration and scrolled legs. And don’t forget when choosing furniture to always go for opulent furnishings that are bigger in size, as this will tie together your Baroque design. More importantly, remember to avoid contemporary, sleek and space-saving sofas, dressers and dining tables, as they’ll look out of place in your Baroque paradise.

A Baroque style bed should resemble class and sophistication so don’t hesitate to go wild with the quilted bed covers. Pick your bedding colours so that they match the ones you’ve chosen to create for your setting. We also recommend going for an over-sized headboard, the exuberance and dramatic element will be ideal for your new Baroque utopia. Feel free to add multiple pillows on the bed to show off the rich effect. Your pillow fabrics should be nothing other than satin, velvet and fur – luxury at its finest.

Glitz and Glamour: Gold Accessories

When it comes to Baroque design – accessories are key. Gold chandeliers and pendants will fit perfectly into your new luxurious atmosphere. We recommend declining the main colours of choice or go for glass features if you prefer to stay more subdued. Just remember that it’s through accessories that you’ll be able to give off the lively tone of your Baroque décor. Don’t forget to add gold or silver objects to everything for that lavish rococo impact – you want everything to shine and sparkle! Frames and mirrors in gold are also a must if you want to tie together the Baroque aesthetic.

Baroque design remains elegant and lavish – and rightly so. The style’s use of opulence across all elements of interior design remains popular for good reason. By combining our design tips, you’ll be able to create unique elegance in your home that will never go out of style. So, try our Baroque design ideas and you can transform your interiors into an aesthetically pleasing, impressive and sophisticated abode fit for a King or Queen.

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