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Budget living room ideas for the home

The living room is a staple area of any home, and we use it for everything from relaxing on an evening to entertaining guests. Therefore, it needs to look good as well as be practical for the many activities that take place in the area. Designing an aesthetically pleasing, liveable space can seem like a huge project, however it doesn't have to cost a fortune. If you’re working with a tight budget, there are plenty of cheap living room ideas to give the area a refreshing makeover. A couple of tweaks in the colour scheme, the addition of decorative accessories or changing your furniture layout can make a huge difference. Our living room ideas will give the space a well-deserved face lift without breaking the bank.

Furniture Reshuffle

Before you make a shopping list, first think about what you already have. Can you make an impactful style change without having to completely renovate your living room? Changing the layout of your furniture could allow you to give the space a facelift without splashing out. Therefore, rather than sticking with the current layout in your lounge – why not try something new? For instance, you could pull furniture away from the wall, arrange chairs and sofas into groupings that are favourable for conversating or mount the TV on the wall to make the space feel bigger.

Shop Your Own Home

Before you go on a spending spree for new pieces, look around your own home first and see if there’s anything you can borrow from other rooms. You may find that a piece of furniture in your bedroom would fit better in your living room. Or you may have some forgotten treasures in your garage or loft that would work perfectly in your living space. And if you come across a great find in your home but it doesn’t quite match the aesthetic of your living room, we recommend painting it, so that it ties into your scheme nicely.

Embrace Natural Elements

Plants add a decorative element to a space, and you can often find low-maintenance kinds for affordable prices. Try to look for ones that have unique leaf shapes or colourful foliage to add a little extra oomph to your lounge. You could even place a potted plant on your coffee table to act as a centrepiece or give an empty corner a little TLC with a hanging plant. Natural grasses or dried stems can also work fantastically for cheap living room ideas. All you need to do is grab a few from your garden, arrange them in a vase and you have living room décor that’s not only free but stylish too. And if you don’t have the time for high maintenance plants, the Wild Flower Roman blind can mimic the blooms of your garden.

The Power of Paint

One of the easiest, cheap living room ideas that you can try out is to get your DIY dungarees on and paint away. A new lick of paint can completely transform a space. And there are plenty of good-quality, affordable paints on the market. However, if you really want to save a few pennies, you could just buy a small pot and paint one wall to turn it into a feature wall, or alcoves for a splash of colour. You can even paint your furnishings or run-down floors for a well-deserved refresh. Remember – the deeper the tone, the cosier the feel!

Classic Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are timeless additions to any home, and they’re great for sprucing up your home if you’re on a budget. You can fill a blank wall in your living room and give it a burst of personality through photos, record covers and prints. Or if you really want to get inventive, you could frame pieces of fabric or spare bits of wallpaper. If your home is a rental, you won’t have the option to hammer hundreds of holes into the walls. In these situations, you can use command hooks or opt for a picture shelf so that you can avoid wall damage.

Personal Touches

Adding pieces that reflect your travels, hobbies and precious memories can make your living space feel extra special as well as unique. Think family portraits, framed genealogical charts and a map where you can pinpoint all your favourite places that you’ve travelled to. You could even hang letters or signs that reference your initials or family surname – cheap living room ideas really are endless!

Go Bold with Little

A stylish living room doesn’t have to break the bank. You can still make an impact with a couple of statement pieces. Go for furnishings with high-impact materials or finishes, striking silhouettes or ones that feature bold pops of colour. You'll only require a few dramatic touches, like a colourful area rug or wall art that commands attention. Combine these elements with neutral walls, versatile decorative pieces and subtle looking curtains or blinds. Switching out your curtains for something lighter like the Ascot curtain can make a huge difference in making the space feel brighter and fresher.

Mix Up Lighting

The lighting in your living room is something that can be given a quick facelift, nor does it have to cost a fortune. Avoid making the space feel like a blinding operating theatre. You can do this by adding in floor or table lamps at varying heights. Layering your lighting in this way will establish cosy pools of light that can instantly transform the atmosphere of your living room.

Our cheap living room ideas don’t have to break the bank – the area can still be pleasing to the eye with just a few adjustments here and there. From personal touches to DIY painting, you can create a living room that looks just as good as a complete makeover. Take a leap of faith and try out any of our suggestions for a budget-friendly living space that will still cause heads to turn.

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