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Victorian style living room ideas for your home

Victorian design is quintessentially British, wonderfully unique and elegant. The lounge is often at the heart of the home for many people, with it being a space to entertain and unwind. Although Victorian living rooms are often audacious and exquisitely designed, they can be just as practical and functional, as a lounge of any other style. Such an aesthetic offers respite from the usual contemporary architecture. It is characterised by heavy, ornamental fittings, oversized décor, and an affinity for trinkets. The result is romantic and intricate, yet dramatic and oozing with opulence at the same time. Our Victorian-style living room ideas are the perfect antidote, if you want to move away from minimalist, modern design.

The Ideal Palette

Bright and airy spaces are the reverse of Victorian style. Instead, it is embodied by rich, deep jewel shades such as ruby reds, sapphire blues and even black. If you are not feeling plucky enough to paint the entire space in these shades, pick one feature wall or add some plush curtains to emphasise. Wood is also used heavily, with dark panelling, flooring and accents in mahogany and walnut.

The Grandest of Living Rooms

When you are considering Victorian living room ideas, remember, the heavier and richer, the better! Deluxe materials, layered window drapery, and swanky furnishings enhance grandeur, and – from a practical view – overall comfort. Velvet curtains were a notable feature of this era. Our Naples Heavy Velvet Curtain in its sumptuous texture and red richness, will certainly be a timeless addition to your Victorian aesthetic. If you want to go the extra-mile, place in a gorgeous, Persian-style rug, surrounded by dark, wooden floorboards. This contrast will be unmatched.

The period represented all things gold and dazzling. You can simply never go wrong with embellishments in this shade or décor polished in a golden tone. This is the one permanent aspect of Victorian style, that even modern homeowners would love working with. Pair this fondness for gold with stylish black, and the space becomes nothing short of amazing. For those less comfortable with the glitz and glam, light and warm yellow tones are a fantastic alternative. Here, the more intricate and elaborate your window treatments, the better. Trim curtains with tassels, braid and crystals to add more embroideries. The Crystal Voile Panel will add sparkle and splendor to your living room, and inexpensively too.

Victorian Furniture

Most Victorian furnishings have decorative, wooden-carved trimmings with rich textiles. Seating was upholstered in velvet and embroidered, which is completely evocative of this period. Pop on some throw pillows with beautifully embellished covers and pair with curtains, to push the look even further. When it comes to choosing furniture, always go for exposed wood in some parts like the arm rest and legs. For a more classical appearance, implement a floor to ceiling bookcase and your living room will travel back in time to the Victorian era, in no time.

Striking Décor

Victorian fireplaces whether made of stone, wood, cast iron or other metals, serve as remarkable attractions for any lounge. This aesthetic in a living room should ideally showcase a striking, old-fashioned fireplace or chimneypiece. Apart from cosying up next to the fire on those Winter nights, Victorian fireplaces have another important function. They can also be a place to flaunt treasures, like family photos or a vintage clock on the mantelpiece.

A Victorian living room is not complete without a crystal chandelier overhead, so this is a must. If you want to go all out, hang ancestral portraits and paintings on the wall with wooden frames. For added luxury, dangle Victorian-style platters or silverwares, and add mirrors with extravagant gold or wood-carved frames. You can even implement a Grandfather’s clock for a more traditional aesthetic.

Mix Modern and Traditional Elements

If you feel undecided on which era you sway towards, why not combine both contemporary and historical design? Victorian living room ideas are unquestionably stunning. However, sometimes adding modern touches maximises the refined, and it is a great way to personalise your lounge. Contemporary and traditional design blend together harmoniously. Whereas Victorians mostly utilised dark shades, if you are a modernist, here you can experiment with brighter shades. Welcome bursts of colour through furniture, fixtures and fittings. Imagine how pale pinks and lavenders will make for a sweet and sugary look in your living room – gorgeous!

One of the best things about this era is that you have free reign. Our Victorian living room ideas allow you to mix and match and be as bold as you like. Remember, to really nail the look, you need to get the right furnishings and décor, reminiscent of this era. It also requires special attention, effort and creativity, in order to set the scene. You do not have to be historically accurate; you just need an appreciation for the intricate details and beauty of the period. Go eclectic and indulge in all the splendour and charm of the Victorian era, to infuse personality into your living room.

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