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The best colour combinations for bedrooms

As one of the most personal rooms in the home, it is only right that your bedroom reflects your personality and be a space you can put your stamp on. This is where colour can come in and play a big part in your room design. Colour can say a lot about you and your personality, as well as impacting your mood and even energy levels.

Whilst many of us will opt for a neutral bedroom colour scheme for ease, colour can bring a lot of life to a room. It may sound scary at first, but with so many colour combinations to choose from you may find you’ve been avoiding colour when you should have been embracing it. Let us inspire you, with our favourite colour combinations for bedrooms.

Forest Green and Mustard

At first glance, you may think forest green is a little daunting for the bedroom – but stick with us! This mellow green shade is great for all seasons, keeping you cool in summer but comforting you on those winter nights. Not only does green bring in an element of the natural world but it is known for promoting peace, rest and security making it the ideal bedroom colour. Even in smaller rooms, this muted tone shines.

Pairing this mellow green with bright mustard yellow accents can bring the room to life. The yellow helps to add energy to the space – creating a balance between serenity and vitality. Add in mustard accents through woven throws, cushions and rugs as well as window dressings.

Blush and Denim

Dusky pink tones and denim blue complement one another and add dimension when used in harmony. Start with a pale blush pink as your base colour – great for those who lean towards white as the contrast is not stark. Then add depth and dimension with different pink hues – such as coppers, rose golds and terracotta tones.

Using denim blue as an accent colour – adding it in through cushions, bed linen and window dressings, such as our Texas Curtains in Denim - can help to break up the pink tones and add a little more interest to the bedroom. Any blue hue is a great colour to include in your bedroom design, as it is known for its cooling and calming properties.

Sage Green and Charcoal

Sage green is continuing to rise in popularity – both in interior design and fashion. Pairing this mellow green colour with grey can add depth and dimension.

Start with a sage base – subtle is best here. And then add in different grey accessories. We suggest using a variety of grey hues to add depth – charcoals and slate greys can help to add that wow factor – whilst keeping the room cool and calm at heart.

If you want to add a few more ‘pops’ of colour to this cool palette – small blush pink accents such as cushions and soft furnishings will never go a-miss.

All of the Oranges

There are so many hues of orange out there, that combining a variety of them in a bedroom can create the most interesting colour palette.

Orange may seem like a scary colour palette to work with at first. However, if you start with a rusty orange base, you’ll find yourself with a beautiful and earthy country cottage feel. Our Arcadia Curtain Fabric in Firestone is the perfect burnt orange shade for a vintage, rustic look. This shade of orange works perfectly to compliment traditional wooden furniture – with the warm tones working harmoniously.

If you are worried about the room being too dark, this is where your other orange tones can save the day. Add in elements of peach and brighter orange shades as well as off-whites, to brighten up the space and add that all important depth and weight to the room.

Mint Green and Grey

Mint green is an ideal colour if you are someone who tends to shy away from bright colours. Soft mint green isn’t a far step from white and can bring a calming hue to the entire room. Mint green is multi-faceted, it can be bright and uplifting in the morning whilst still promoting rest in the evenings.

Keeping on the cooler side, mint green pairs perfectly with grey. Opting for lighter greys promotes a light and airy colour palette that blends seamlessly. However, we would suggest adding some mid-tone and darker greys within accents such as blinds, throws and furniture. This adds definition and weight to what would otherwise be a pale colour palette.

50 Shades of Beige

Although arguably not a colour, beige is always a popular bedroom choice and in no way boring!

There are a range of tones and shades of beige that when paired together, create depth and dimension as well as a cosy and calming space for sleep. Different beige and brown tones work harmoniously with wooden furniture and natural linens, textured cushions and throws.

Add in cooler ‘greige’ tones to break up the warmer accents and add even more dimension whilst still keeping the overall scheme neutral at heart.

Whether you prefer to go all out with colour or keep things a little more subtle, we hope you can find the perfect combination for your bedroom. Trialling different combinations will help you to create something that is entirely your own, and reflective of your personality.

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