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Pastel bedroom ideas for your home

Just like candy, pastel colours look delicious, as well as also being the perfect go-to when you want to create a unique space. Whilst bubble-gum pink and baby blue may remind you of your childhood, a visit to the softer end of the colour wheel should be welcomed. Sprucing up your bedroom with such shades are limitless. You can create both classy and sophisticated, or sweet and quirky. Whether your tastes are decked in country chic, or hotel stylish, this energetic colour scheme will not let you down! We have lots of pastel bedroom ideas to transform your boudoir into a candy dreamland.

The Ultimate Combination: Pink and White

When it comes to pastel bedroom ideas, lighter shades of pink lead the way, especially if the bedroom in question is for a young girl. A backdrop in a pretty pastel pink paired with crisp white creates something close to paradise. Not only that, but it gives you more freedom when it comes to styling and decorating the space. The Tyrone curtain is a fantastic way to incorporate some retro candy tones into the bedroom.

A bedroom in this colour scheme is one that grows with your child, right into their teen years. Who said adult bedrooms cannot be pastel adorned? Once your teen moves out, transforming the area into a guest bedroom will still feel just as appropriate. Just tone down the cute décor to curated pieces in black. You will have a refined and stylish bedroom which will stand the test of time!

If the thought of going all-out with a bright pastel pink scares you, why not opt for a shade which still makes a statement but is less vibrant? A peachy pastel is extremely charming, as well as a fashionable alternative. These coral-like shades are very popular, as they can be paired with various styles such as seaside, tropical, Scandinavian and boho-chic. What more could you want?

The Relaxation Duo: Blue and Green

Whilst pink is fabulous, remember blues and greens can be beautiful too! Light shades of blue are a homeowner favourite. A bedroom reminiscent of the ocean is far more gender-neutral, as well as being the perfect antidote to soothing nerves and inducing a peaceful slumber. Pastel blues are very versatile too, as they easily combine with lighter hues of grey and off-white. This will give you more freedom when it comes to pastel bedroom ideas. Our Premier blinds are perfect if you are revamping your pastel blue dreamland on a budget. If you want to achieve a more masculine appearance, you can combine darker colour hard surfaces with the blue and green pastels, for instance hardwood floors. By doing this, you will establish a harmonised colour scheme fit for both men and women.

The Country Look: Colour Mix

Whether you enjoy the rustic weathered aesthetic of a cottage bedroom or the nonchalant appeal of shabby-chic interiors, pastel shades can pull off both. We recommend beginning with furnishings in solid pastels, or you can mix and match them for variation. Incorporate pastel tones of yellows, whites, greens, blues, and pinks, to bring to life the natural effect. Distressed and weathered timbers can also generate a warming backdrop, which energises the country visual, when it is paired with pastel inspirations.

The Reinvented Pastel: Muted Neutrals

When thinking about pastel bedroom ideas, there are several obvious colours that come to mind, which are represented within a rainbow. However, they actually extend a lot further than people think. There is a whole other world of muted pastel hues, which are the grey tones found within colours. For example, a muted grey with purple tinges opens another dimension of pastels to explore. You can create a scenic bedroom with walls in this colour. Pair it with blue and white bedding and it will become contemporary chic. The muted pastel will stand out gorgeously alongside modern artwork and a rustic bed. A serene sleeping sanctuary like no other awaits you!

The Luxury Aesthetic: Green, White, and Gold

Minty pastel walls with gold accents weaved through décor, for instance a chandelier, will create a bedroom fit for a Queen. Add in white bedding and curtains, and the green will enhance the crisp, opulent atmosphere of the space. Our Crystal curtain will coordinate with your pastel walls to maximise the elegant feel of your boudoir. Gold drawer pulls and mirrors will keep the overall aesthetic looking ultra-glam.

Pastel bedroom ideas are endless. Whether you combine mellow colours with vivid ones, balance them with sharp white or go subtle with a hint of sweet pastel, we guarantee you will have a winning bedroom interior. Even if you just incorporate a few bits and pieces here and there, like pastel cushions and rugs, these will still strike a delightful chord. With an unrivalled ability to make your space feel brighter and airier, it is a smart choice when it comes to revamping your boudoir. So, take advantage of creating that picture-perfect pastel bedroom now!

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