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Yellow living room ideas for your home

Welcome all things bright and beautiful into your living room with yellow. Its simple, cheerful, and almost innocent feel musters up a light-hearted touch to any room. Luckily, yellow is also a team-player as it works great with the other colours of the rainbow too. With summer on its way – if you want to bring a little sunshine into your lounge – this shade is for you! Yellow may not be the first colour that springs to mind when it comes to decorating your lounge. But with this versatile shade, you can go from dandelion accents to ochre all over. With our yellow living room ideas, we guarantee you will be enticed into decorating sunny side up.

Opposites Attract: Yellow, Blue and Green

If you want your living room to give off eccentric vibes, a mix of yellow, blue and green achieves this perfectly. The combination results in a punchy, high-contrast space. Go for warm, buttery yellow walls all over. Then to cool things down a touch – add traces of green throughout the space, and a peacock blue mid-century chair. The coolness of the green in the Ursula’s Vine blind will help offset the bold energy of yellow for a striking atmosphere. It is this harmony between warm yellow and cool green and blue which makes this scheme a front-runner. Weave in natural wood throughout your living room too for an even more flattering effect. You can be sure your lounge will definitely turn a few heads with this palette.

Pretty Palette: Pastel Yellow

Many people assume pastels are only restricted to children’s bedrooms, and it is often thought to be a girly palette. However, this could not be further from the truth. Pastel yellow can be gender neutral and mature all in one. Sprucing up your living room walls with pastel yellow offers a dreamy backdrop like no other. Add in grey accents through cushions to bring about that gender neutral element. If you want to tone down on the vibrancy of the space a little, incorporate in natural textures. Since yellow is a shade found in nature, there is a natural cohesion to this mixture. It makes it so that the pastel yellow still feels lively but not overpowering, especially if your living is on the smaller side.

Go Bold: Yellow Furniture and Décor

One of the many ways you can pay homage to yellow in your lounge is through furniture and décor. So, if you don’t want to paint your walls in this colour, you can still design a knock-out living room where yellow is the principal shade. Try utilising accents which are in the yellow spectrum to incorporate energy into your space. You can do this through cushions, vases, curtains, or even flowers. The Vogue curtain in yellow is the perfect addition to any living room if you want to inject a little sunshine.

A seat worthy of sitting on is definitely a yellow one. Harnessing this colour through a chair, sofa or footstool shows confidence. If opulence is what you are going for, a yellow futon in velvet is glamorous and chic. Or go for a chaise longue dressed head to toe in a yellow fabric. Whichever you choose – you will bask in this beautiful shade’s golden glow.

Period Personality: Mustard and Ochre Yellow

When it comes to yellow living room ideas, your options are endless. You can even re-create period looks with this versatile colour. Ochre and mustard come together beautifully as both have a warm base, earthy quality and are reminiscent of period living rooms. Mustard is more playful whilst ochre is stable and elegant. This makes them the perfect combination to bounce off one another. So, whether you are taking inspiration from Dijon or English, mustard also matches with white, to establish a retro, mid-century character for your space. Better yet, mustard is also a match made in heaven for grey – pale grey is another 1950s classic, mid-grey brings out its classy side and charcoal grey creates definite allure. The Dijon curtain in charcoal grey is all it takes to spice things up in your mustard yellow living room.

Mix with Neutrals: Soft Yellow

We understand bright, bold yellow will not be accustomed to everyone’s tastes. But don’t worry because you can still use this shade in the living room without it being too overpowering. Softer hues of yellow are especially welcoming for smaller lounges which are in need of sophistication and relaxation. The cool, modern feel to this scheme is undeniable.

Mixing yellows with soft neutrals such as grey and white are simple yet so effective. Neutrals were made to complement additional pops of bright colours, and this is what makes this pairing an Instagram-worthy match. Instead of going for the typical beige accent wall in the living room, opt for something a little more visually welcoming like a light lemon yellow. Who knew that yellow could be soft and gentle as well as bright and bold?

We hope our yellow living room ideas have inspired you to get your glow on. Whether it is a few buttery accents or mustard walls all-around, this colour will be sure to make a statement in your lounge. With these yellow inspirations, you will be on your way to painting a sunnier outlook. So, is this cheerful ray on the cards now for your living room?

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