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Dining room ideas for your home

The dining area is at the heart of the home. No matter what style or size, it should be a place which welcomes everyone, time after time. After all, it is where you gather, to enjoy delicious meals and quality time with family and friends. So, it makes sense to want a multi-functional space, that is still full of style. Whether your dining room needs a complete revamp or a couple of basic retouches, the possibilities are limitless. Our dining room design ideas will take the space to the next level, in a matter of minutes. In this blog, we will help you achieve a room that not only speaks stylistically, but also caters to your specific needs.


Every dining room needs art. Hang up a stunning piece of innovative art, to establish a purposeful, designer look. Modern furniture often comprises of sharp lines and sleek angles. This could make a room feel bleak and cold. However, by adding colour, with oversized artwork, you will achieve warmth, whilst preserving modern-day ambience.

Chic and Elegant

If you like the finer things in life, opt for a chic, feminine take on modern design. We recommend ghost chairs and gold finishes, for an opulent look and feel, the envy of all. The gentle polish of gold is classy rather than crass. When implementing gold accents, make sure the remainder of the area is subdued with whites, beiges, or soft pinks. This will prevent you from creating a stifling ambience.

Metallic print wallpaper and graphic patterns through your curtains and blinds emphasise your light fittings, adding a glam element to the dining area. Even the plainest of rooms, gains from the sparkle of metallic accents, as long as you keep the colour palette uncomplicated.

Modern and Traditional

For those who cannot decide whether they want a modern or traditional dining room, why not have the best of both worlds? Add in a table with old-fashioned embellishments and pair it with contemporary accents such as neutral walls and window dressings. For instance, striking teal dining chairs and an industrial-inspired light fitting, do just the job. Do not be afraid to play around with conventional pieces. Providing the rest of the room feels fresh and innovative, you will still form the perfect balance.


The minimalistic look is incredibly on trend right now. An open concept, dining area, proves a great way to style contemporary fittings. A minimalist room is often stripped down to just the basic necessities. A roomy and open take will give your dining room the stylish flair it needs. Our Iowa Roman Blind in its silk essence, will transform the area into a sleek, contemporary dream. By adding in mini cactus plants and other greenery, you will keep it from feeling too empty. This interior style is recommended to help reduce mess, with clean lines, neutral shades, and high-quality fixtures.

Dash of Colour

It is not always possible to paint your dining room walls. If you do not have time to get the paint brush out, window treatments can fulfil the colour element you desire. Yellow and green are fantastic hues for such spaces. Yellow is believed to boost your appetite and metabolism, whilst green is calming and embracing. Print or patterned drapes infuse a lot of vibrancy to your dining area, whilst providing lots of accent hues to work with. The Illinois Curtains in Sunflower mixes both a bold pattern and yellow shade together, to stir up excitement. Our best tip is to be generous when it comes to using drapes, for the purpose of sprucing up a wall.

Historic Charm

When it comes to dining room ideas, you cannot go wrong with an impeccable space, entirely suited for entertaining gatherings both big and small. If you love old-style, make sure the area is brimming with heirloom furnishings, rich shades, and English charm. Incorporating a regular set of dining chairs, with a pair of decorated seats at the heads of the table, creates a united look. If you want to go the extra mile, why not add in a candle chandelier for that antique excellence? An inexpensive tip we recommend, is to implement bookshelves behind your dining table. This way it can work as a study space for children or a workplace for you. It also provides a magnificent backdrop, for when you are all eating.

Ranch Style

To get the farmhouse-chic look, full length windows are a genuine eye-catcher – and long drapes compliment these perfectly. Leather dining chairs add to the rustic ranch-design aesthetic. Farmhouse décor embraces an elongated dining table, perfect for those fun and spontaneous dinner parties. A natural-worn, wood tabletop, will immediately infuse country charm to the area. Ornamentations are often evocative of the barn lifestyle. So, be sure to incorporate green features like plants, to mimic seasonal, tablespace decoration.

Small Dining Room

There is still an abundance of dining room design ideas, even if yours is limited in space. If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen which connects to an open space, utilise this to create a small dining area, in the bit in-between. Opt for a dining table and chairs with clean, smooth shapes, that will not take up too much room. Plus, if you dangle a light feature above, it will define the space even more. A small, padded bench offers spare seating, for ultra-comfort. If you have a big window in the dining room, use it to your advantage. Drape it in simple window treatments, to help bring light into the area, for the illusion of spaciousness.

In an era of rushed breakfasts and dinners sat in front of the TV, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of the dining area. Our dining room ideas prove that whilst it may not be an everyday space, its value should not be forgotten. By decorating the space as beautifully as the designs above, you may find yourself spending more time in there, than ever before.

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