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Beach house inspired interiors and how to decorate your home with the trend

Light, roomy and blissful, beach house inspired homes are not only pretty to look at, but they also establish a tranquil atmosphere. You can bring the sea to you through many various styling options. Whether it’s soft furnishings in peaceful whites and cool blues, seashell accessories or playing around with coastal colours – your seaside paradise can be brought to life. The best thing about this aesthetic is that it’s super easy to nail as well as being versatile in suiting any type of home. Ready to live your coastal dream? We are going to take you through the best beach house interior ideas to bring the sky, sea and sand right to your doorstep.

Open and Airy

Beach house interior design would not be reminiscent of the coast if your living room and dining room didn’t feature an open floor plan. This will establish that breezy and airy atmosphere we all adore so much about the seaside. The notion of openness ensures that one of the rooms will effortlessly flow into the other. We recommend using minimal décor here to bring together bigger open spaces for an organised and unified appearance. Often neglected spaces like that reading nook in the corner of your lounge, can be transformed beautifully after adding a couple of accent pieces. This will help features as such drift flawlessly into other rooms.

For the ultimate airy beach house aesthetic – take inspiration from the sand, sky and sea’s colour palette. Colours within this scheme instantly replicate the comforting feel reminiscent of the ocean. Keeping things as natural as possible here is key. You can do this through crisp white, light taupe and waves of serene blues. The Palma Roman blind in Ivory is perfect for your coastal getaway in the living room. Though, limit the use of furniture and accessories, so that your airy aesthetic can be achieved effortlessly.

Natural Textures

Pack away your suede and satin because at the beach it’s all about natural textures! If you want to master the softer side to beach house styling – think the natural characteristics of chalky cliffs and pebbled shorelines. After all, going to the seaside is full of various multi-sensory experiences. Nailing this aesthetic is all about echoing and embracing the imperfections of the beach. From jagged wood to fractured seashells, the beautiful, flawed finishes are what will bring to life your coastal dream. The appearance will come across as textural and tranquil – just add in uneven linen furniture and washed-out wood tones. Rattan pendant lights, blue-green glass vases, painted china and a jute rug will work remarkably to establish your beach house interior.

Florals and Botanicals

When you think of the beach, you don’t necessarily think of florals or botanicals. However, utilising flowers such as lilies or white roses to decorate your dining table will help accentuate your coastal style. Plants such as snake plants, palm trees and succulents to decorate your garden with will bring about that stylish beach house feel. Whisk guests and family away to the sea through tropical or floral curtains, or bedding cocooned in Hawaiian elements. The Tropical curtain in a statement-making teal and green means you can live your dream, summer holiday every day, from the comfort of your own home.

Aqua All Around

Bring the ocean to your interiors with a mix of blue hues. This will establish a contemporary coastal aesthetic. Go ahead and paint the walls in marine blue to really energise the space. Whilst you may think a deep navy sofa may be too bold a choice – remember it can be timeless when placed in the right environment. The colour pairs happily with other blue tones for a well-balanced, layered appearance. It can also be magnificently offset with pale hues and warm neutrals. Take oatmeal flooring for example – this will harmonise with your deep-sea blue walls to create a soothing atmosphere. Go for these elements in your living room to transform it into a spot for relaxation. You could even add in a hammock to enhance the seaside appeal and make nap times more stylish. With a scheme like this – you will be dying to get home from work so you can unwind in your coastal sanctuary!

Island Boho

If when you think of the beach, you think Ibiza – then this one is for you. For interiors where you can truly sit back and relax, take inspiration from Ibiza’s Bohemian aesthetic. Not only will this be the picture-perfect space you desire, but it sets the perfect mood too. White walls, flooring and furniture will give you that bleached-out, Mediterranean villa aesthetic. Remember to layer on lots of colour with blues of various depths, by utilising a mixture of plain, tie-dye, batik and ikat materials. Beachcombed treasures like shells, hurricane lanterns filed with pebbles and driftwood-look pieces will spruce up your interiors with natural charm. If you want to really amp up the rustic feel – display these beach gems in repurposed crates. Wispy white curtains that move with a gentle breeze will certainly complete your Ibiza-boho look. The Batiste curtain’s effect can be calming and magical here for your island retreat.

The Final Takeaway: Dos and Don’ts

  • Do design based on a colour palette
  • Don’t overdo the coastal element
  • Do make the most out of natural lighting
  • Don’t carpet the floor
  • Do add lots of natural textures

It’s impossible not to love everything reminiscent of a beach getaway – it’s fresh, adaptable and instantly boosts your mood. The colours of the seaside like blues and whites offer an easy way to establish a beach house interior. However – don’t go too overboard! Remember to weave in those inviting neutral shades through upholstery, flooring and timber trims, to tone down the coolness of the ocean blue hues. So, are you ready to set sail on your beach house interior design voyage?

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