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Retro bedroom ideas for your home

One of the most aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching styles out there is retro. If you are looking to give your bedroom a makeover and can’t decide which era to go for – retro can help you out. This style is for those who love all things funky and groovy and want to spice their space up with a vintage twist. Think – striking and vibrant colours, patterns and prints, geometric shapes and textures. By utilising this eclectic aesthetic, you can essentially have it all as retro mixes decorative styles from different eras. Go back in time with our retro bedroom ideas and enjoy a boudoir that is unique, fun and comfortable.

Go Bold or Go Home

With the right colour scheme and furnishings, you can transform your bedroom into a magnificent retro utopia. We recommend combining statement-making hues with zinc-coloured tones for a complementary mix of bold and modern. Weave in elements of wood through flooring or furnishings to add warmth and comfort to this contemporary-retro bliss. If you really want to make a spectacle – a funky bed will do the job. Go for a bed which highlights distinctive designs from the past – an upholstered headboard with brushed brass feet emphasises retro perfectly. Look through our bedding to find the perfect one to up the funk in your space. With this style, it’s all about the textures from past eras and the more the better! Add colourful accent pillows such as fluffy orange lamb pillows and a woven, vibrant throw on your bed. This way you will have a knock-out bedroom like no other.

Patterns Galore

If you are considering retro bedroom ideas, then it wouldn’t be retro without some fun geometric shapes. Get creative and paint your wall with different funky patterns or utilise rugs in a geometric style. When thinking about furniture, lamps in abstract forms will tie your bedroom together with infinite retro charm. Aside from the geometrics – don’t neglect the basic elements. Incorporate checker patterns, paisley prints and other cool shapes – the world is your oyster when it comes to patterns.

Boho Retro

The Bohemia style – what’s not to love about it? It screams retro with its unique, handcrafted designs. No headboard on your bed? That’s no problem because instead you can utilise this space for artwork instead. If you like breaking tradition this one’s for you! Pop art was very big in the 1960s and it’s a great way to integrate a fun element to your bedroom. For example – you could reinvent family portraits and pictures with friends in pop art for a personalised touch. We also recommend adding in truly unique colour tones and patterns through fabrics and window dressings to enhance this lively and striking space.

Modern Retro

If the pops of colours and loud patterns are too much for you – utilise copper instead for a modern vibe. You can bring to life contemporary retro in your boudoir with the simplistic yet classy aspects of copper. It works beautifully with white, ocean blue and canton palettes. Go on the hunt for modern-industrial chandeliers to harmonise with the vintage elements of the space. Spruce up the walls with block colours and then add in a patterned carpet or rug – this will really make your flooring accessories pop. The most popular textures for modern retro include smooth plastic, soft vinyl and crushed velvet. A dazzling chair or sofa in any of these materials used as a focal point in your bedroom will certainly turn heads.

Retro is all about nostalgia and therefore most retro bedroom ideas ooze feelings of reminiscence. Whether that is in the form of childhood pictures, your grandparents’ vinyl collection or antique posters – you can make it work. Just pop to your local vintage shop or car boot sale to find some hidden treasures you can utilise as bedroom décor. A bedroom evocative of your own past will make the space completely unique to you.

Glam Retro

Use a quirky mix of colour and pattern to create a glamourous bedroom evocative of the 1930s. Add in a green mirror and curtain for a unique sense of class as well continuity to tie together the look. The velvet Glamour curtain in emerald is a great way to introduce opulence into your bedroom. A spectacular wrought-iron canopy bed set will set the mood if outlined against a French-style console table. Look for an old mahogany one in vintage shops and then paint it white or pale grey for that upper-class retro elegance. You can go a step further too and change the handles for a feminine feel. If you want to add even more sparkle to the space – add in mirrored storage boxes.

Farmhouse Retro

Travel west and take inspiration from the historic abodes of America's rural Midwest to create a retro prairie aesthetic. You can go floral crazy here – spruce up your walls with floral wallpaper and match it up with flowery blinds. The Orla Kiely Striped Petal blind is the epitome of retro and is perfect for energising any room with a little vintage magic. Adorn your bed with striped bedding for farmhouse that is retro and chic all in one. Add in accessories such as patchwork textiles and classic checked quilts to enhance the quirky charm.

With these retro bedroom ideas – it’s all about experimenting with elements from different eras, so your boudoir can be anything you want it to be. Whether you’re decorating a period bedroom, or you want to add aged features to a modern bedroom – retro can achieve this. After all, when in doubt – going classic is always fashionable. Are you ready for your bedroom to take you on an adventure back in time?

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