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Eco home design

If you’re eager to do your bit for the planet, why not start with your home? Eco home interior design is all the rage, and not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll also give your humble abode a well-deserved makeover. From bigger ticket ventures such as installing solar panels to simple acts such as repurposing furnishings – every little helps. Whether you're looking to go all out or dip your toes into simple yet efficient interior improvements, our eco friendly home design ideas will certainly make everyone green with envy.

Smart Bedding Choices

100% natural and recyclable, linen is made from the fibres that grow as part of the flax plant. Best of all, it’s naturally thermoregulating, so whether it be winter or summer, the material will feel comfortable in all seasons. Therefore, look to make smart choices for your sleeping arrangements and opt for linen bedding. Not only is it a green choice but it’ll also mean you’ll have a dreamy night’s sleep. And if that wasn’t enough, linen is durable and hypoallergenic, and tends to get softer over time. These factors will contribute to your bedding looking beautiful at all times but also long-lasting. Using fabrics such as linen in your home is a great step forward in adopting eco home interior design.

Go Green with Paint

If your home is in need of a little TLC with a fresh lick of paint, consider low or zero VOC paint. Microplastics in conventional paints can have adverse effects on health as they pollute the quality of indoor air. Always check for VOC content on paint labels – the lower the number, the better! Keep an eye out for ingredients that can be harmful to health in regular paints such as vinyl resins, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals derived from oil, acrylics, formaldehyde and ammonia. Low VOC means happy eco-friendly painting all around!

Natural Beauty

There’s nothing more natural, beautiful and eco-friendly than sprucing up your home with greenery. Plants can make a room feel as good as it looks. NASA-conducted research shows the power plants hold when indoors, finding over 50 houseplants that effectively remove pollutants and gases for cleaner indoor air quality. To name a few, Spider Plants, Aloe Vera Plants, Snake Plants and Peace Lily Plants are not only stunning additions to the home but will make your space feel fresher and cleaner too.

Dried flowers aren’t just limited to your grandparents’ homes anymore. If you adore all things florals but dislike the environmental effect associated with fresh cut flowers – welcome dried flora into your eco home design. The world of dried flowers is one to certainly explore, from vivid Billy Balls to stylish Pampas grass. You can even turn your dried flowers into wall art with preserved moss or dried bouquets frozen under a glass cloche. With endless opportunities of creativity, eco friendly home design is far from boring.

Lighting Goes a Long Way

If you want to play a part in an eco-friendlier future – take advantage of natural light in your home. Maximising natural light will establish a sense of wellbeing in your rooms whilst reducing energy consumption – the perfect recipe. An easy way to do this in your home is by decorating with mirrors, and if you place them opposite windows or on an adjacent wall, this will bring in more natural lighting.

One of the simplest interior upgrades you can make to reduce electricity usage is to look at lighting fixtures. Get rid of any old energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs and instead consider going all out with LEDs.

Eco Window Dressings

Spruce up your windows, adding style and sustainability through curtains and blinds. Thermal curtains, interior or exterior shutters, solar shades, bamboo blinds or blackout curtains and blinds are all fantastic green additions for your home. These can be efficient improvements, as when the dressings are drawn during the warmest times of the day, they will limit the use of air conditioning. Equally, raising the window dressings during winter will help to warm the space up naturally. Bring a pop of colour into your kitchen with the Chelsea blackout blind, and simultaneously, you’ll also benefit from improved energy efficiency and therefore reduced carbon footprint. Or go for a sleek, stylish and modern look with the Vogue thermal curtain which will help keep your home toasty in winter and cool in summer.

Think Artisan

Furniture and décor made from natural materials such as rattan, wicker and bamboo are the perfect way to give your abode an eco friendly home design. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing but they’re also kind to the environment, as use of these materials means less use of plastics and manmade materials in the home. For instance, why not go for floor-to-ceiling bamboo dividers? They give you ample privacy without compromising on the beauty of your home. You can take the bamboo poles aesthetic appeal even further with LED lights, as they add a warm and inviting glow to your home.

Whether you add in a vintage wicker chair, a rattan headboard or a woven bamboo lampshade – your furniture and accessories will never go out of style.  

Friendly Flooring

Terracotta flooring tiles, made from clay and other natural materials, are an eco-friendly and sustainable way to upgrade your flooring. Your guests will be wowed by their warm, earthy tone and rich colour palette, and you’ll feel instant warmth added to your space with these beautiful tiles. Best of all, terracotta flooring tiles are efficient and durable as well, even though they’re a softer material than most. These eco-friendly tiles will keep your home cool, and your bare feet will feel the utmost comfort when walking on them, in comparison to other flooring materials. Take your kitchen, living room and bedroom to the next level with this sustainable and beautiful flooring option.

Fortunately, right now, it’s never been easier to get your hands on eco-friendly products. Therefore, turning your home into a stylish yet eco-conscious space shouldn’t be too challenging. Take a leap of faith with our eco home design ideas, and before you know it, your abode will be an environmentally friendly haven that’s both beautiful and kind to the earth.

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