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Red living room ideas for your home

If you want to make a statement and challenge the status quo, red is the perfect colour for this. It represents bravery, which is no surprise, as applying the hue into your living room requires courage. The bold shade is often considered “too much” when considering living room ideas. However, the tone you use and more importantly, how you use it, makes all the difference. It can be scary to work with, but that is even more reason to go for it. Red is a great colour to express yourself and differentiate your living room from others. From eye-catching crimsons, to a soft terracotta – there is something for everyone. With our help, you will learn how to get it just right, no matter your aesthetic.

Timeless pairings

Red, blue, and white make for an impressive combination. This pairing showcases a soft contrast that is also extremely adaptable. Whether you are opting for a traditional or modern living room, these hues work well collectively, to establish a stylish space. This is especially true, when you have opted for red walls. Add in a cream sofa to soften the area, and hints of blue through cushions and curtains, to create a fresher, contrasting tone.

Red as an accent colour

When it comes to fittings, red is an ideal accent shade. However, you must be subtle here, or you risk the space becoming too overpowered. Add in cushions, roses, or artwork sporadically. That is all that is needed to bring out the accent colour, once you have red walls or curtains. Leave the rest of the room’s design relatively neutral – with creams, whites, or greys. This way, red will undoubtedly still burst through visibly, as being intentional. There is also an additional benefit of utilising it minimally. If you change your mind in the future, you can switch out red fittings for another colour, without it being costly.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains complement the red accents arranged throughout a space. Our Vogue Ready Made Thermal Blockout Eyelet curtains promise to add charm and personality to your red-inspired living room.

Country classic

The earthy shades of polished red contribute tastefully to a country-chic design. This roasting hue helps enhance the intensity of elements surrounding it. From rustic wood to woven textures in blinds and curtains, you will be left with a room that captures the charisma, native to country style.

If you want to go the extra mile and wow your guests, add in a red sofa, for an authentic, luxe-cabin look. Complete the aesthetic using snug cottons, natural fittings, and a red checkered rug. Rich scarlets reign supreme to add opulence to your country design. Combine it with mossy green accents, as well as earthy neutrals. For the final touch, wrap chunky knitted throws over the sofa, for those cold, winter nights.

The bold approach

If you are feeling daring, going red all-over can work to your advantage. This style leans more towards traditional concepts. The vividness of the shade plays up the old-fashioned library feel. Our style recommendation is to balance out the red with neutral accents and natural fabrics. This will keep your living room from feeling too forceful. A jute rug, paired with old antiques and paintings become the perfect contrasts.

Mixing patterns

Stripes and prints from the same colour family blend together wonderfully. If you want to go pattern-crazy in your living room, we encourage it. A red stripy rug, combined with lavishly patterned crimson chairs, harmonise magnificently. This is because their shades share similar influence. Alternatively, a red-and-tan striped sofa with pale blue walls, will establish a relaxed, seaside ambience in your lounge.

Geometrics are also something to consider when looking over red living room ideas. A cherry-and-cream geometric pattern is a powerful arrangement. This will build a sense of warmth and intimacy throughout the space. For that extra oomph, repeat the same pattern within accent pillows on the sofa. We guarantee, that this will pull together the whole aesthetic of the room beautifully.

Your pattern-infused living room does not have to stop there. If you want to turn up the heat, embellished red blinds do the job perfectly. Implement our Orla Kiely – Linear Stem Roman Blind for a stunning and striking visual.

If you are not entirely confident that red is the colour for you, try it out in small doses first. Implement red accessories and embellishments. This will allow you to appreciate its visual effect without it being too overwhelming. It is such an influential shade, that even when used moderately, it will transform your living room. With our tips and tricks, we hope to have inspired you to inject this fiery shade, into a living room like no other.

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