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How to add a simple interior design to your home

The thought of undertaking full makeover on your home can be overwhelming. It consumes time, money and energy, which you may not be able to accommodate for. However, if your home is still craving a little love, a simple interior design refit could be the best option. This Not only can you save time and money with such a style but at the same time you can give your home the edge it deserves, as well as stylish depth and dimension. From switching up lighting, incorporating statement pieces or layering new patterns and fabrics – here’s how to add a simple interior design to your home.

Mix it Up: Walls

Walls are your home’s canvas, and they’re a great starting point to be as explorative and decorative as possible. Feature walls are a popular design go to due to their versatility in transforming and lifting a space so effortlessly. They also work well in bold colour choices such as navy, emerald or orange, as these contrast and intensify a room.

Gallery walls are also a great approach, as they infuse style without any exhaustive DIY amendments. Areas such as the hallway and staircase can often be neglected, so consider bringing in a new zest of life by creating a gallery of your favourite frames or prints. Displayed collectively, they shape and create a sense of placement whilst easily transforming your interiors. Adding mirrors to your gallery wall can also intensify the effect, making your hallway or staircase appear larger and grander.

Cosy and Welcoming: Lighting

Lighting is an important feature of simple interior design styles, as it can offset the tone and style of your home. By simply changing your lighting, you can create a whole new aura and atmosphere. Adding fairy lights to run over a mantel piece or drape across a wall, will create a cosy and romantic feel. As an alternative, think about lighting up a space with candles. This will not only bring lovely scents to your home but will create an evocative setting too. Why not consider investing in some new table lamp as well? Big shades and a sculpted base are great for those looking to create a luxurious and opulent feel. Neon light signs have also taken the interior design world by storm. Blending 70’s pop culture nostalgia with futurism, installing neon lights instantly transforms and adds excitement to any room.

Go Green: Natural Elements

Bringing natural elements into your home instantly refreshes and redefines your home. For example, houseplants are a great way to splash colour into your home, and they will also re-energise and renew the space. Taller plants like a money tree or parlour palm are great for standing in corners or other areas of a room which need height or brightness. Hanging plants on the side of curtain poles or door handles can also lift and brighten areas. You could also consider adding in trailing ivy that can descend from the top of wardrobes, shelving or even side tables. This will layer the space with colour and energy. Even adding flowers or dried pampas to your home can be a quick and easy way to freshen up and revive your home. And placing them in large sculptural vases creates a stylish focal point. Alternatively, you could try faux plants and flowers for the same effect but with less maintenance.

Play Dress Up: Fabrics

Changing the fabrics in your home is a simple but impactful way that can revive and renew any area. This could be anything from adding fresh new cushions to your sofa or bed in colour choices like hunter green, dusty pink or earthy tones like sage green or burnt orange. Sprucing up your window treatments is also a great way to instantly revive and add new energy. Opting for bold curtain choices such as the Tropical curtain will invite a fruity twist and drape your room in colour and style. Or weave in luxury fabrics like the Catherine Lansfield Crushed Velvet curtain in teal, to instantly add opulence and grandeur to any room. If your bedroom needs a little boost, try a new vibrant bedspread or throw like the Samana bedspread to inject colour and confidence. For something deeper, try the Beaufort bedspread for added luxury and style.

Statement Focal Point: Furniture

More eclectic design interiors thrive off having multiple focal points to layer a space with style. However, in some cases this might not feasible, and therefore a simpler option could be to invest in one furniture focal point that commands all attention. To achieve a simple interior design style in your living room, a maximalist sofa is a great way to inject style and confidence into a room, for example with a chesterfield or velvet wingback sofa. For your bathroom, a free-standing claw foot bath is a simpler option that adds luxury and style without the full bathroom refurb. In the same way, rather than ripping out your entire kitchen, think about adding new life via mosaic kitchen splashbacks. With interesting patterns and colour choices, your kitchen can glow with simple but statement making changes like this.

Simple interior design styles are all about creating maximum impact in a more simple and straightforward way. Whether you change the entire mood of a room by adjusting the lighting or bring depth by introducing plants and statement furniture, either way these simple changes will renew any home. Not only is this more cost and time effective, but simple interior design styles are incredibly flexible and can work for any home looking for a little bit of TLC.

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