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How to add a natural interior design to your home

Nature has always been the ultimate inspiration for art, fashion and interior design. And weaving natural elements into your home is a great way to establish a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Not only will you benefit from a calming setting, but you’ll also physically feel the value of being in an environment that brings nature indoors. From earthy tones to contrasting wood trimmings, you can transform your space to create more visual depth as well as beautiful texture. And if that wasn’t enough, natural aesthetics are extremely versatile in that they go with both contemporary and traditional spaces.

Welcome our natural interior design ideas into your home for a space that will make everyone feel calm, at peace and welcomed.

Decluttering Equates to Relaxation

Feeling at one with nature is all about organisation and tidiness. This can mean something different for each individual person – and that’s completely fine. All you need to do is get rid of unnecessary items that you believe do not have a purpose in the room in question. For instance, start by removing things from the kitchen that don’t add anything to your kitchen’s functionality. Natural interior design is all about providing everything with its correct home and reducing the number of knick-knacks in your home – a clear space is a clear mind.

Welcome Wood Elements

When thinking of natural interior design – the mind immediately springs to wood. It’s the most obvious natural element to utilise in home décor, particularly if you’re trying to create a rustic ambiance. Plus, it’s one of the only materials that can be finished to look like shiny marble or left raw to show its beautiful imperfections of knots and grains. Think a reclaimed wood accent wall, mixed with a cowhide rug, or alternatively, bring in entire sets of natural timber furniture. However, keep in mind to not stylistically overwhelm the space with too many visible elements.

Furniture made from wood is a great addition to any home due to its durability. Go for artisan crafted furniture if country appeal suits your tastes. Or look for antique wood bedroom and lounge furniture to evoke nostalgia from the homes of centuries ago. And for those who prefer all things modern – wooden furnishings with minimal lines and free from embellishment create the ultimate statement. This is particularly true for kitchen bar stools or headboards in the boudoir.

Calming Colour Scheme

Of course, with natural interior design comes a natural colour scheme. This style echoes Scandi colour palettes and is evocative of bohemian style interiors too. Think whites, greys, beiges and earthy shades. The Kensington roller blind in beige is the perfect addition to your kitchen for the ultimate sense of mindfulness. If you want to be a little bolder with your scheme, you could go for colours like setting plaster. Whilst this is pink in shade, it’s still obtained from a natural process. Furniture in natural interiors come in cream, beige or natural (undyed) linens, and brown, worn leather often makes an appearance too. If you want to add a modern spin, opt for black accents to outline, define and add depth. This is best used on woodwork, doors, window frames, accessories and metal work.

Decorate with Rocks

Rocks are the perfect addition to natural interior design. This is due to the fact that they look organic and can work harmoniously with just about any style. For a more refined and serene aesthetic, we recommend going for multiple rock sculptures and figures. However, if you want to go the extra mile, you can incorporate rock décor on walls, stairs, floors and even kitchen counter tops. Plus, you can use different colours of rock to make the space look more intriguing as well as give it a sense of dimension.

Be Inspired by Greenery

The days of artificial greenery in the home are gone – welcome live plants and florals to truly be in touch with the natural world. Think budding flowers and potted plants dotted around your home to bring nature indoors – and beautifully too. Place these on dining room tables, coffee tables or front foyer tables to make a statement. In the past, the maintenance of tending to houseplants was seen as a chore. Now, planting indoor bulbs, or keeping low maintenance plants like succulents, cactuses, or just a simple fresh bouquet can instantly inject life into any room.

Let It Shine

One of the easiest, cheapest and most gorgeous natural elements that many overlook is sunlight. When it oozes through a home in the daytime, natural sunlight can make any room come alive, making colours pop in furnishings and wall décor. Plus, this natural element makes humans feel healthy and inspired. Whether you use windows or borrowed light from solar tubes for dark areas like wardrobes – natural light can have an impact like no other throughout your home.

Feel Your Room

The fabrics that you choose for your natural interiors need to both look and feel right. How you utilise the rooms, as well as touch and sense the rooms, are extremely important to how you feel when you’re in them. Think natural materials such as untreated furs, linen, wicker, seagrass, bamboo, wool and leather. And don’t forget the hard textures too, like stone, concrete, and light and dark woods. We recommend mixing up the rough and soft textures to establish a sense of balance.

Make sure upholstery features in natural linen, organic cotton and undyed furs. The Super Linen Heavy Weave Fabric in yellow can be used for both blinds or curtains, and the material is perfect for creating serenity in the bedroom or lounge. These textures can be applied in cushions and throws, casually draped to be used as and when needed, and nestled into on those cold, winter days. In natural interior design, remember that items shouldn’t be “for show” – they should be touched, sensed and mindfully experienced.

Don’t forget to feature stoneware and ceramics into your home’s décor. Whether that’s in the form of earthenware dinner sets, stoneware mugs or ceramic planters – all of these natural elements add detail to every inch of your home.

Refurbish and Repurpose

Living a green and sustainable lifestyle is commonplace now – and rightly so. If you have decided to take on green living, then it’s important that you learn the magic of refurbishing and reusing. For instance, instead of throwing away old furniture, remove the coats of paint and paint it all over again in a new colour – good as new. Plus, you can also refurbish old sofas, beds, armchairs and much more. Not only will you considerably reduce your carbon footprint in this way, but you’ll also save a few pennies too.

To truly nail natural interior design, you must feel what it’s all about. As demonstrated, nature can be generous, and most of the design elements that it offers are either free or affordable. Above all, it takes one small change to restore balance in your home, cleansing your schemes and offering a sense of wellbeing. Adopting this timeless design means less pattern and more texture, and looking beyond fast fashion interior décor. Natural interior design is all about curating it over time and being mindful when making décor decisions. Before you know it, you’ll have a sanctuary that you’ll never want to leave.

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