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How to Decorate Your Home for Summer

As the days get longer and begin to warm up, many of us experience a positive change in mood - a lightening of spirits which mimics the weather. Summer is beloved for its transformative capabilities - the sunny days bringing with them a sense of joy and energy many of us sorely miss over the dark winter months - and we’d recommend extending that transformation into your home, too.

Bringing the outside in as the weather changes is just another way to enjoy those feel good vibes, where your interior design and sun worshipping ways can combine to create a beautiful summer home aesthetic for an instant mood boost. It’s time to swap out wool throws, thick quilts and heavy rugs for lighter, airier alternatives, experiment with bold, bright accessories and make space for the tropical florals finally in bloom.

From simple updates to transform your home into a beach house, a serene lakeside bolthole or a pastoral glade hideaway – there’s something to emulate everyone’s ideal summer home. Our summer décor ideas on how to decorate your home in summer can be counted on to breathe new life into your interiors, so that your home feels like a paradise - and there are no plane tickets necessary for this ‘getaway.’

Biophilic Design

Summer is truly one of the most beautiful times of year and a huge part of that is owed to Mother Nature herself. Taking inspiration from the great outdoors is a tried-and-tested way to create a soothing, harmonious home. Biophilic design is based on this ethos, and recommends the inclusion of live plants to purify air and boost your mood in equal measure - adding a dynamic, lively touch to every room. Cut flowers are also a gorgeous treat, and choosing summer-blooming varieties like sunflowers, peonies and dahlias will add an authentic touch of British wildlife into your home. 

Hayfever sufferers need not worry - you can absolutely still achieve a biophilic-inspired space with the inclusion of nature-themed homeware. A jungly duvet cover, floral rug, or well-placed leafy cushion can go a long way to replicating that sense of wellbeing nature inspires - without risking itchy eyes. As being surrounded by plants and nature has been proven to have a positive effect on our wellbeing, it makes perfect sense to update your home for the summer with the natural world in mind – so go ahead and lean into the spirit of summer.

Seasonal Fabric Swaps

With longer, warmer days on the horizon, it’s time to ditch the thick fabrics, faux furs and snug knits for lighter fabrics - think breathable cotton and linen instead of velvet and wool. Choose a soft throw to drape over your favourite armchair or take into the garden with you, as a light layer to protect from those summer breezes. Swap out lavish velvet cushions for scatter cushions with textured finishes and tassels. We recommend mixing and matching patterns and vibrant tones to create a cacophony of colour and texture more befitting of the sunshine. Bold florals like the Janey, Adeline and Protea cushions are guaranteed to infuse your space with the best summer vibes.

Should your heavier winter curtains start to look a touch out of place once the weather picks up, consider swapping them out for curtains made from materials like cotton, voile, or linen to bring the easy breezy aesthetic indoors. Our range of voile curtains can be relied upon to give your space a minimalist, airy summer feel - whether you’re layering them over Roman blinds or simply embracing the natural summer light.

Experimenting with Colour and Pattern

One of the best things about summer are the bright and beautiful colours associated with the season. All it takes is a glance outside to be greeted by baby blue skies, flowers of pink and yellow and emerald green grass. Welcome this palette into your home to truly celebrate the season. You could add a feature wall in any of these shades using wallpaper or paint, to instantly breathe fresh life into your interiors. Evoking vitality and rolling summer hills, green will revitalise any room in the home - whether your bedroom is desperate for a revamp, or your bathroom needs a bit of love before the heat waves arrive.

Don’t underestimate the power of a pastel. Balance sugary shades with darker accents in similar hues - a lemon yellow with a mustard, a blush pink with a burgundy shadow - to keep the room from becoming overly sweet. More muted and relaxed summer décor ideas can make just as bold a statement as neon interiors - it’s all about finding the right mix for your space.

A well-chosen pattern can transform the atmosphere of a room instantly. When curating your perfect summer space, think print. A statement rug can update tired floors - a tropical, abstract, or geometric design will lift a worn carpet or dark wood for the brighter season.

Seaside Interior Design

There’s a reason nautical homeware has retained its popularity over the years - the aesthetic is synonymous with summertime, evoking picturesque beaches, saltlicked sand dunes and wellworn boardwalks. It makes perfect sense that we love to evoke our happy memories spent by the sea (pebble or sand beach, we’re not picky).